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Verizon Mysterious $1.99 Fee

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Robfactory, Dec 28, 2009.

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    So, I was looking through Broadband.com and Techdirt.com and read up on a case several Verizon customers have had with a mysterious $2 fee. The charge was labeled as an access to internet fee, even though some users do not have data in their plans.

    David Pogue from the NYTimes reported the issue to Verizon who did little to rectify the issue. In fact, Verizon has denied charging people such internet access fee even though over 400 people have reported such fee on their bill.

    Enjoy the read and check your bills.

    David Pogue's Post:
    "How about the 400 people who chimed in to say, 'Me too!' in the comments of my original post? Are they all idiots? How about me? I found several of those $1.99 charges on my own bills. How about the Verizon whistle blower who has begged his managers to change this greedy scheme, and been told to shut up? Is he mistaken? And if there's no problem, and everything's hunky-dory, how come Verizon has quietly been offering refunds of up to $100 to people who've been socked by the accidental $2 fees?

    Pogue's e-mail exchange with Verizon Wireless spokesman Jeffrey Nelson is particularly amusing:"I'm going to let the letter to the FCC speak for us," he said. "I'm not able to comment further."

    "But you're saying that you don't charge that $1.99 fee!" I told him. "Yet it's happened to hundreds of my readers, and it's happened to me. So what are we missing?"

    "I'm going to let the letter to the FCC speak for us."

    "But it just says Verizon isn't doing it!"

    "I'm going to let the letter to the FCC speak for us."


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