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Mar 29, 2011
Washington DC
Ok, so I really need my friends help. I researched all i could and have come up empy-handed.

Here's the situation: I was looking at Google+ today and noticed it was uploading my photos. I don't like my photos or anything for that matter going anywhere I don't first choose. So, I deleted the pics, good thing was it only allowed me to delete 10 at a time. Bad news, it deleted from my phone too so I lost about 25 photos. These were important pics that I would love to have back.

I have not taken any pics and was ready to try a restore program, but none of the programs will recognize the drive on the Galaxy Nexus, it isn't a SD Card or USB drive, its MTP drive I guess as you all know.

I need help from the brightest people i know.

this might not be helpful but it might be a start. on android phones with sd cards. you pop sd card into your computer, and use recuva or other program that lets you undelete files.

with the nexus, i couldn't figure out how to get the computer to read the phone sd partition as a DRIVE. if would just use MTP or camera mode. to get it as a drive you have to have it mount as USB storage.

huge disappointment. they didn't include real SD, and they didn't include USB storage support....on a "flagship" phone. *pissed*
Yup, I agree with the USB support. I tried Recuva and a couple of others but they don't recognize the internal storage of the phone correctly.

Maybe someone else has some ideas.
I don't use Google+, but does it offer any kind of a trash bin or the like? Maybe the deleted pics got moved there. Otherwise, trying to get programs to see the Nexus while hooked to a pc is difficult at best.
Since you're posting in the root forum, would it be a safe assumption that you were rooted when this happened? With a forgotten nandroid backup tucked away somewhere maybe? Sorry if not, I feel your pain, that totally sucks.

Also maybe a long the last week I've heard several mentions of hexamob recovery from the market. I tried to test just now but got fc's and wouldn't open on mine, but may be worth a try
Thanks everyone. I will try the trashbin idea.

Also, I think nandroids backup all but SD Card which is where the pics were. I didn't want to fool with my memory until I was sure i was out of options. With will give that a shot today. Hexamob didn't give me FCs but didn't recognize my phone.

Might be worth contacting Samsung as a last resort.