Root [Verizon] newbie root help


I thought I had read up adequately but apparently not. I successfully rooted my note 2 (Verizon) with this 4.1.2 VRAMC3-
The problem I'm having is that now the phone doesn't recognize my ext sd card in order to flash a rom. I was able to use goomanager in order to download Carbon but nothing works except the phone feature. All other buttons are dead, no ext sd card, no internet, gmail icon or play store, nothing. I put my sd card directly in my computer and placed the zip for Mean Bean (the one I really wanted) but then of course, the phone has to recognize my ext sd for that to work so I feel stuck. Any help would be great, I'm not sure where I missed a step. For what its worth, it is a 64gb class 10 that has worked for months now.