Verizon Note 3 (Weather and Time Widget)



I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing problems with their weather and time widgets? I have tried many and the time is never the same as the phone. I make sure the settings are correct but it's doesn't update during the day. The widget time is always behind sometimes hours , it just seems like my phone is keeps locking up whenever i use a widget.:thinking:



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Hi 4vandan and welcome to Android Forums!

While I don't use the Weather & Time widget (I use News & Weather), I suppose that the two are using separate sources for the time. The phone is grabbing time from the cell towers: the widget may be syncing its time from Google's servers. And of course the two sources don't sync together. As the old proverb goes:

"A man with one watch always knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure."


As far as using widgets, make sure that any app using a widget is in the phone's memory and NOT on the SD card. Other than that, I would need more information to continue.

Hope this helps.

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