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Verizon One M8 6.0 Update Issues Tracker

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kratos, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member Thread Starter


    I am creating this thread asking that any Verizon specific update issues are shared here. I have had mixed experiences with updates from Verizon and know that tracking any issues is a good way for others to quickly and easily find if their issue is update related or not.

    Please post any issues you have experienced AFTER updating your Verizon M8 to 6.0.



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  2. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Updated my phone last night. Here is the rundown:

    First File was already downloaded and took about 15 minutes to install, including app optimization on startup.

    Second file:
    File Size: 1.3 GB

    Download time: ~15 minutes on a 200 Mb/s connection - Ave clock speeds on my connect are 225 with lowest clock ever at 211 and highest ever at 260. Verizon server was either heavily used at the time I downloaded or their have their server underclocked (regulated).

    Install Time: ~20 minutes. The phone will do a couple regular installs with reboots, then reboot to an install screen that provides a % of completion, then reboot to the regular install screen, and finally a reboot for startup.

    App Optimization: 60 minutes - This was the longest process. There were only 283 apps that were optimized on my phone, but the total process took about 60 minutes to complete.

    All in all, it was rather smooth. I had to restart twice after install and optimization was complete as a couple apps and widgets were not functioning correctly.

    I had to uninstall Amazon Underground App (seems that it is now preinstalled and the preinstalled version was conflicting with the version I already had), which only really uninstalled the updates and left the preinstalled app.

    Finally, I did a cache wipe.

    First 12 hours have been good. No major issues I have noticed. Phone runs smooth and is snappy. The screen dim on wake up take a bit longer than I'm used to before the screen gets bright again, but I think that has to do with snooze feature, which I have not played with at all yet.

    That's all for now. I will report again after a couple/few days.

  3. KingOfHell

    KingOfHell Lurker

    I have a HTC one M8 about a year and a half old. Never did anything to it, it took updates and everything was golden for about a year and half. Two nights ago I got a notification that there was an update available. I plugged it in, hit go and went to sleep. The next morning the phone was on and said there was another update. I hit okay and got in the shower. It never came back to life. It is stuck on the red Verizon screen. I took it to verizon and they messed around with it for about 10 min and said call HTC. I called HTC and since it's out of warranty they are refusing to fix it. The technician even went as far as to say I must have rooted it and that was why it's locked up. After a few choice words we parted ways. Can you fine folks tell me if you think the phone can be brought back to life? Upon entering bios it says "Software status official ***LOCKED***" Tried factory reset and recovery and both failed.
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  4. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Found another app that is not playing nice. Audiomanager Pro (my go to app for scheduled audio profiles since back in my OG Droid days) no longer works properly with the new audio options in 6.x....

    Now to find a new app....

  5. KingOfHell

    KingOfHell Lurker

    Well thanks for the help. I got it figured out. ;)
  6. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    What did you have to do to fix it? I was at work and wasn't able to really do any full research on the issue.

  7. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    So, in playing around with my phone I found a shortcut to "Automatic Rules". Not sure if this was available before because I never really used shortcuts.

    But this shortcut does exactly what I was looking for. I can set profiles that automatically put my phone in and out of silent mode at specific times of each day.

    Glad to know I don't have to depend on a 3rd party app to do this!


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