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Verizon Pre-order, Release date, and speculation thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jerofld, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. heyeaglefn

    heyeaglefn Android Enthusiast

    I think everyone's shows that way.

  2. AndroidFan69

    AndroidFan69 Lurker

    Has anybody been able to get a discounted price AFTER completing their pre-order? I've had my HTC Incredible for 2 years now. When I asked about any kind of discount they rep I spoke with on the phone didn't say anything about a "New every 2" discount or a "3G to 4G" discount. We have two smart phones and a dummy on our family account. I know Verizon has a large customer base, but does anybody think playing hardball would work? I mean this phone is going to be available on 5 networks and most of them are getting theirs before we will. I'm not asking for a free S3, but a better discount on the 32 GB version I ordered in trade for my commitment to continue business with them for the next 2 years doesn't seem like a lot to ask for especially with the new $30 upgrade fee being implemented :thinking:
  3. ousuxndallas

    ousuxndallas Member

    I doubt Verizon cares now. You already ordered and paid. But, never hurts to call and complain.
  4. EgoDogg

    EgoDogg Android Enthusiast

    You can cancel your order and then re-preorder
  5. Eryl Flynn

    Eryl Flynn Android Enthusiast

    Had to do mine over the phone, and I have the email confirmation but I can't pull anything on the site, get they are experiencing technical difficulties when I use the Preorder Confirmation as the order, and blank when I use the 4 digit order number as the order number.

    I called in a second time and close to doing a 3rd to verify all is well. Mostly want to be sure they are sending to my name. I am shipping it to my office, business care of thing.
  6. Trent Reznor

    Trent Reznor Android Expert

    :laugh: Since the 4.0.4 update and a factory reset my Gnex has been solid. No dropped data or one way mic issues. I actually get better signal than the Dinc she is using:eek:

    I'm getting the S3 because I'm a phone junky not because I'm displeased with my gnex. I also want to upgrade while I can still get unlimited 4G on my second line:)
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  7. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    My Gnex is pretty solid signal wise after 4.0.4 update too. It holds 4G better. I think Gnex just became victim of new, more sophisticated signal calculation method in ICS as discussed in excellent Rootzwiki thread. I wouldn't say its radio is stellar, but a lot of signal complains came from just low signal display.

    Since GSIII will have S4 chip in US, I looked at HTC One X (AT&T), Evo LTE (Sprint) forums here and XDA for any signal issues. Those phones have ICS + S4 chip. I saw a lot of signal complains saying "dbm is much lower than Evo 4G, 3D (or Inspire, Vivid on ATT)". It was amusing to me since Gnex users went through that 5~6 months ago and sort of became signal expert on ICS. They are just beginning to realize that signal strength report and data speed are correlated differently in ICS, lol.

    So when we evaluate signal performance of GSIII, we shouldn't compare it to GB phone but other ICS phones, IMO. Right now, Dinc 4G coming this month seems to be the only one on verizon.
  8. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Let us hope the reception is groovy on the SG3 :)

    Now, question is will it be delayed with Apple's shenanigans? Apple is following the ever growing "If you can't beat em', sue em" strategy.
  9. Trent Reznor

    Trent Reznor Android Expert

    Apple is really starting to iritate me:mad: Come on Apple.. innovate don't litigate!!!

    These actions WILL impact my future purchases (or future lack there of)!!! (FYI I have a macbook pro, ipad, and ipod...former iphone owner)
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  10. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Likes me iPad 3, but see your point 100%
  11. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Android Enthusiast

    I am the same way. I had no problem with apple products and have owned apple products before but the more they do this, the more I am turned away from their products. Plus with IOS being kind of stale unless they do something radical with IOS6 it isn't really going to lure me away from android and the sgs3.
  12. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Verizon signal is pretty strong here fortunately. So signal reception is not main concern for me. Battery life and mediocre camera in nexus are the main reasons I want to swap it with GS3.

    I'm tired of worrying about my battery drained in the evening. I'm on 4G all the time and don't like to turn it off to save battery. I'm just hoping it can last nearly full day ~ 20 hours in 4G from single charge with 28nm S4 CPU/radios and 2100mAh battery.
  13. aj510

    aj510 Newbie

    Hey can you guys help me out. I'm trying to order the 16gb from verizon but my total comes out to $282. I've talked to a CSR 4 times but none of them are ready to give me any discount. Last time I upgraded this line was in 2009 and my bill total is almost $200 per month. I even tried to get them to transfer me to the customer loyalty department, but they would not let me talk to them.

    What are you guys saying to get these $50-$100 discounts? I asked them to just take out the upgrade fee and they said there is no way for them to do that. And from what I've read some people have had that fee waived.

    Also, how long will they take preorders for this phone? I need to make sure I lock in my unlimited data. And is amazon going to have preorder before they take out unlimited data?

  14. powdbyrice

    powdbyrice Android Enthusiast

    its sad, i've been with VZW since the days of GTE (1995) and never once have they offered me more than the basic upgrade pricing. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    i have a feeling if i call tomorrow to ask for more of a discount, i'm just going to get mad.
  15. aj510

    aj510 Newbie

    I've called 4 times. Each time I end up really mad. I can't believe people some people are getting this phone for free and I have to pay almost $300.
  16. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    I tried to (retroactively) get the $100 3G-4G discount for my Darling Bride, since she's coming from the OG Droid... but apparently that's for people who step up to a smartphone from a FEATURE phone... not a 3G smartphone. So I hope she enjoys the SGS3... Heaven knows I paid enough for it.
  17. alexander323bc

    alexander323bc Android Enthusiast

    I didn't say anything, I just went through the preorder steps hit check out and saw Galaxy s3 249.99
    Upgade fee 30.00
    Customer discount 249.99

    Total due today 32.90

    It made me happy :)
  18. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Android Enthusiast

    Ah the "entitled generation" :rolleyes:
  19. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    AJ, you win some and you lose some. It IS, after all, a superphone well worth $300. Enjoy it anyway :)
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  20. darkestred

    darkestred Android Enthusiast

    Trust me, you're not the only one who is paying for the phone. Besides, im sure you will get something for cheap or free, whether from a friend or relative that some of us can't get. No need to be foolish with why me comments.
  21. 1stAndroid

    1stAndroid Well-Known Member

    Meh, I sort of take offense at those sentiments. I'm not saying I or any one else inherently deserves an entitlement or hand-out.

    But I do believe it is unfair when Verizon has non-transparency in discount offerings and/or preferential treatment for a select few for reasons that are either undisclosed or lied about to others when questioned. (talking about VZW reps lying not our friends here on the forums)

    Everyone should be entitled to fair treatment, if you went to the grocery store and the person in front of you was charged $1 for a box of cereal (no coupons or codes used), but they charged you $5 for the exact same product I'm positive you would not call yourself part of the "entitlement generation" for requesting equal treatment and pricing of goods.

    that being said I think we are all super stoked for this new phone :) and I hope they ship it before July!
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  22. jackdubl

    jackdubl Android Expert

    How do I do this?

    Nevermind. I see now.
  23. legalkill

    legalkill Android Enthusiast

    Why would verizon for the sake of selling the HTC Incredible 4g phone which is a cheaper model decide to launch that against the rest of the carriers launch for the SIII (as rumored) and based on our own ship by dates from the pre-orders. Would that not just make some want to jump to sprint or at&t, should they not be protecting unlimited plans like most of us are. I do however feel better about the decision to not wait for the Razr HD with a new rumor of release delay.
  24. kmoore11

    kmoore11 Android Enthusiast

    Make sure you're calling 1-877-888-6499. The lady I talked to there was really helpful and while at first she said I couldn't get any discounts, SHE CALLED ME back a few minutes later saying she went over my account with her supervisor and would let me get ANY GS3 (white, blue, 16, or 32 GB) and only pay the $30 activation fee. She also said to make sure I call that same number back if I have any issues or want to swap my phone in the 14 day period and they can make sure I keep that discount.

    But from what she said, it seems the reason I was able to get the discount is because I have a 3G phone, live in a 4G area, and use 7+ GB of data/month. Take it for what it's worth
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  25. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Android Enthusiast

    Made for a different group of people who want smaller phone. Two different target groups.

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