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General Verizon Pre-order, Release date, and speculation thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jerofld, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Android Enthusiast

    Rushmore I assure you the display is incredible. I was commenting in another thread about it. I was also worried about the display as I had return my nexus once due to banding. That screen was very dull and just didn't get bright as I wanted. I'm here to tell you, you can rest easy because this screen in no way resembles my nexus. Not even close. I was jeloius of my wife's rezound because her screen was so nice. Well, mine is just as nice if not nicer then her rezound.


  2. VegaLA

    VegaLA Newbie

    Cheers. It just arrived like no more than 10 minutes ago so retired the Droid X and turned this on for Activation. Screen stated 'Activating' but has now gone blank. Will check my plan on VZW's site to make sure I don't get screwed out of my Unlimited Data Plan.
  3. dmanindfw

    dmanindfw Well-Known Member

    Your probably fine to use it w/o waiting for it to fully charge...your call though.

    First thing I did after activating both mine and my wife's phone was to log into VZW.com and check for unlimited data. It was there so no concerns.

    I also (and wife) are coming from the DX. It is a HUGE difference...the screen/colors are a LOT better. It is SO vibrant. When you first boot it up, it will blow your mind what a difference it is. I would suggest switching off auto brightness. You will also note that the first time you open the browser, it's very dim. Just hit the menu button and scroll down through the options. Enable desktop view and also go to the browser brightness option (yes the browser has it's own) and adjust as necessary.

    Coming from the DX, having only 3 buttons (1 physical, 2 "virtual") on the S3 takes some getting used to, but I actually like it, other than the occassional fat finger of the hidden, virtual buttons.

    I think you'll be as impressed as both my wife and I.
  4. dmanindfw

    dmanindfw Well-Known Member

    Sigh...rush, rush, rush...is there no end?

    I thought the ONLY deal breaker for you was reception in your "fringe" area (you don't happen to live in the mountains of West Virginia do you?).

    The screen is BEAUTIFUL. The white is white but not blindingly white if that makes sense...I suppose I can see where you might say that it has a slight gray tinge to it maybe, but I think it's very easy on the eyes. The thing is the colors are very vibrant, but not so unrealistically so, and even better, the blacks are very black. Overall it has very good contrast...the colors that are suppose to "pop" (as my wife enjoys saying) do.

    Some things to keep in mind...auto brightness IS dim. Turn it off and adjust. Also turn up brightness in browser settings (is this where you noticed it was dim?). I'm sure you already know this, but never hurts to mention again.

    Also consider the environment as I'm guessing you were under flouresents (sp?) and they can affect things.

    Here's to hoping you get yours soon and hopefully LOVE IT :)
  5. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    Got wife's SGS3 and called to activate sim. They said the # was already activated on another device lol :rolleyes:

    20 minutes later he says to activate they must change unlimited data (order June 10th) on her line to the new shared plan. He put in a request to change it back to unlimited data and will call me when the change is confirmed.

    Oh the great bureaucratic joy of dealing with companies like this :D

    The phone is stunning though that's for sure!
  6. SirKronan

    SirKronan Android Expert

    That's why I'm just hoping to do a SIM swap from my Nexus ... I wasn't so sure about always calling to activate to make sure you have your data. I was told that a simple SIM swap from LTE device to LTE device should do the trick unless there's something wrong with your SIM card, which would necessitate that call regardless. My account is renewed already on the unlimited data for another 22 month contract, which is tied to the SIM now, not the phone, so hopefully the phone, SIM, and network just do their job and make the simple swap....

    We'll find out soon. I'm printing a screen shot of my account just in case. Will try it out as soon as TiBu is done with it's thing.

    Just got my SGSIII out of the box, by the way!! Not noticeably larger than the Galaxy Nexus, but noticeably thinner. It's quite nice. I wouldn't call it marble white though, more of a pearl white.

    Excited!! Hoping to all of you that don't have them yet that you do SOONLY!!!! :)
  7. thelastdraco

    thelastdraco Well-Known Member

    log on to your vw online account. go to my verizon, pick the phone number you are upgrading, then click "activate or switch device". Let that finish, turn your S3 on, wait 5mins. It should work.
  8. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    All I was doing was comparing the three devices together and when I was in the Play store to put the Speed app on the devices, noticed the SG3 looked dim, so figured the auto bright was on.

    The manager was there at the time and said the contrast looked weak compared to the Gnex and Razr. You do not notice unless comparing them at same time. As far as pixel density and color, the GS3 looks sweet, but at least for the unit we looked at, the contrast and brightness were better on the Gnex and Razr.

    I agree 100% based on Anandtech and a few other worthy media reviews, plus user reviews it makes no sense. The thing is though, it stood out to me and I was not even looking for it. My focus was signal reception and trying out cases.

    Added: This will not stop me from getting it, but did surprise me none the less. Something must have been wrong.
  9. bellefsen

    bellefsen Lurker

    I decided to pull the trigger and order (2) - S3s on 6/13/12 in order to keep my unlimited data. At that time, my contract situation was as follows:

    Line A: feature phone, $10 limited data plan, upgrade eligible, NE2 discount available
    Line B: 3G smartphone, unlimited date plan, upgrade eligible, no discount available
    Line C: 3G smartphone, unlimited data plan, upgrade eligible, no discount available

    I wanted to use the NE2 discount on Line B and order the second phone on Line C, but the CSR could not figure out how to do this on Lines B & C and get the NE2 discount applied. As per the CSR’s suggestion, I ended up ordering the 2 phones on Line A & B with the intention of never activating one on Line A…just activating them immediately on B & C. It should be pretty straightforward to activate the Line B phone, but I am unsure of how to activate the second phone directly to Line C. I really want to keep unlimited data on Lines B & C.

    Any suggestions?
  10. uhohsteveo

    uhohsteveo Newbie

    Mine was delivered at 2:15pm.

    ahhh!!! I must rush home.... at 4:30.... when I'm off the clock....
  11. Devz

    Devz Well-Known Member

    Got mine around 1pm today while at work. Only played around a little, but LOVE it. Hope everyone else left in this thread gets theirs soon!

    Goodbye Droid X
  12. question729

    question729 Android Enthusiast

    Hopefully the rest of us are all taken care of by tomorrow, but I think I saw some folks pushed to 7/19...
  13. rehpyc

    rehpyc Android Enthusiast

    Got mine around 1 as well. Chose to resist the urge to play with it and plugged it in for a full charge and left the house. Tonight I have my fun :D
  14. SirKronan

    SirKronan Android Expert

    I couldn't resist. :p

    Well, I popped in the SIM card, let it do its activation thing, and I'm good to go. It said my new phone number correctly within moments, and I have successfully added my accounts so far without any trouble. I just logged into Verizon Wireless again to double check everything, but it correctly shows my white Galaxy S III, and continues to show my same unlimited data that I had before.


    All it took was a simple SIM card swap, so if you have a 4G LTE phone with a microSIM card in it already, you should just have to swap, rather than call in and listen to them try to convince to to switch to the new magical shared plans!
  15. bennybbc

    bennybbc Well-Known Member

    My daughter got her SGS3 yesterday. We had some trouble activating it...It wouldn't activate. We called Verizon and the CSR walked us through it. Still didn't activate. My wife took the phone to the Corp. Verizon store. They said it wouldn't be able to activate until the 12th and we would lose our unlimited data. She used their land line to call Verizon and the Verizon CSR said we needed special permission to keep our unlimited data and that would take about a day to accomplish. She and my daughter came home somewhat depressed. I told them to just call and talk to another Verizon CSR and get it straightened out. She did and in just a few minutes the phone was up and running with unlimited data...And fairly crappy reception...:(

    Today I got my SGS3. I had the same activation issue so I called Verizon and spoke to a CSR. He ended up having to do something on his end, (Not sure what) but after about 30 minutes on the phone my new SGS3 is up and running with unlimited data...And really, really crappy reception...:(

    It's dropped 4 out of the 4 calls I've made or received. It will barely receive 1x. This is in an area where I normally get good phone coverage and pretty decent 3G coverage. Oh well...I'm continuing the report on the "Reception thread".

  16. WhoDoo Voodoo

    WhoDoo Voodoo Android Enthusiast

    OK, after a day with this thing I can say it seems as good as advertised. The OS is good, the signal is good, it jumps like a cat when you touch it. About to run my N64 emulator on it tonight to give it the real test though.
  17. BraulioB

    BraulioB Newbie

    Well, I pre-ordered the SG3 at a local Verizon Go.Wireless dealer in mid-June. I got a printout showing I would keep my unlimited and paid my $199 on the spot (was able to spread it out onto 2 credit cards which Verizon's site wouldn't let me do). First thing the dealer told me when I first went in was that shipment date was pushed back to July 10th, I was OK with that. He said, when it came in, he'd call and I could come in and we'd set it up together at the store.


    30 more minutes and I'm off to pick up the bad boy.
  18. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Sorry you are having reception issues. My initial test was positive, but not for sure until testing in my defacto fringe areas with own G3.

    As far the the data, as long as you ordered before 6/28, VZW publicly stated you can keep unlimited, so should just be a "formality". They even reiterated yesterday for people that ordered before 6/28 and are having problems with unlimited sticking to accounts, they get to keep unlimited.
  19. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    You too :) The bigger display and no navigation buttons in the way should help with virtual controls. I also have FPse and MAME Reloaded. For emulators, the S4 dual 1.5ghz is a better option than the quad version.
  20. Fahrenheit85

    Fahrenheit85 Member

    Had my phone half a day and so far I'm loving it.
  21. Eryl Flynn

    Eryl Flynn Android Enthusiast

    Signal for me is about what my DX was, same DB at my desk and near to zero in this conference room I am in every morning. So I would say it has good reception, not great. Think some VZW phones get a little signal in that room, but not much.
  22. laptopquestion

    laptopquestion Android Enthusiast

  23. powdbyrice

    powdbyrice Android Enthusiast

    ugh. my wife picked up my phone from fedex just now. i'm stuck at work for another hour. :(

    the anticipation is killing me.
  24. Minimike

    Minimike Well-Known Member

    Mine came at 12:39 today - was switched to Verizon rep on activaion attempt, All went erll and I got them to reierate my unlimited was still here. While I was out, my son's ex-wife got a new phone in a store and switched the entire plan to Share Everything. I found this out when I returned and signed on to Verizon as a check. Verizon tells me, :though sh**, you lost it." Now I guess my son will have to pay all overages on my line and my grandson's line because he was too cheap to cover his ex's $30 2GB plan. Verizon sas this change is irreversible and I have nothing to stand on to complain.
  25. shotinthenads

    shotinthenads Well-Known Member

    I'd kick my son so hard in the *ss that his ex wife would feel it. No not really, but holy crap, why have an ex on the family plan? Just asking for trouble.
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