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Verizon Pre-order, Release date, and speculation thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jerofld, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. heyeaglefn

    heyeaglefn Android Enthusiast

    Hasn't it been 4.8 from the beginning? I don't think that changed.

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  2. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere on the Verizon announcement page but having expandable storage is mentioned on the Samsung announcement page. Is it safe to say the Verizon version will be expandable up to 64GB?
  3. AntimonyER


    Yes, the phone will have a microSD slot. I am assuming it will support up to 64GB
  4. j-money

    j-money Well-Known Member

    675'000+ users and the most useful info i've read today comes from a fellow Statesboro resident. What are the chances!

  5. svensett

    svensett Android Enthusiast

    The Samsung press release says expandable storage: news SAMSUNG
  6. 91Firebirder

    91Firebirder Well-Known Member

    So VZW says they will have white or blue, I'm going with blue. What about memory, how much is everyone getting? I don't know that I would even use the 16, but for double for only $50 more, I'll probably get the 32.
  7. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    I am going with the 32GB internal and 64GB external card. Heck I would have gotten the 64GB internal option if not delayed. I see this as finally giving me the chance to have all of my music and pictures directly on my phone without having to rely on any type of cloud service and I like that. Plus, if you do a fair amount of picture taking and video recording at this level of quality....you will be racking up fairly sizeable files in no time.
  8. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    I'm really hoping to see better signal reception on GS3 than LTE nexus. It got better on radio hand off, data connection stability after 4.0.4 update, but still overall signal strength is not that great. Not sure if this is just signal display thing in ICS.

    I considered Razr Maxx too but its overall design and subpar screen, camera is like downgrade from nexus. So I will try out GS3 for its great camera, better radio in 28nm S4 chip to see if it's worth of replacing my nexus. I'm not too worried on hackability as dev will surely make decent amount of ROMs to replace TW.
  9. AndroidFan69

    AndroidFan69 Lurker

    Hello AndroidForums!

    Hey everybody, I'm a long time lurker first time poster to Android Forums and just want to say I truly enjoy visiting this site. The information available has allowed me to learn a lot about Android and the newest phones available. Just wanted to let all Verizon customers know that I spoke with a rep this morning and they confirmed the following about the S3...

    It WILL have the 1.5 Snapdragon S4 Dual Core Qual Comm MSM 8960 processor, SD slot upgradeable to 32 GB, 2100 MaH removeable battery, 2 year pricing for 16 GB in blue or white is $199 - 32 GB in blue or white is $249, Full retail for 16 GB is $599 - Full retail for 32 GB is $649. Rep confirmed pre-orders start June 6th and that previous pre-order phones (The Nexus and I believe he said the iPhone) were about 3-4 weeks ahead of release date, so there's a strong possibility of a launch date around the beginning to middle of July. I know my fingers are crossed!

    I apologize for any repeated information, but I just wanted to share with everyone the information I was able to gather. Hope this helps :D
  10. jack49525

    jack49525 Newbie

    So we don't get the quad core from the international version? Are all US carriers going to be downgrading to the snapdragon?
  11. AntimonyER


    The only question was T-Mo, but their announcement stated they were getting the S4 as well. No North American GSIII will have any processor other than S4.
  12. AntimonyER


    Welcome to AF! Just wanted to say that 2 weeks is a better guess IMO, I think it will line up with what sprint and Tmo already announced.
  13. jimbo1mcm

    jimbo1mcm Android Enthusiast

    Forget it. The Snapdragon, with 2 GB of RAM, will be wonderful. You don't need the quad core.
  14. jimbo1mcm

    jimbo1mcm Android Enthusiast

    White or blue? No real news on whether the blue will be delayed past the launch time of the phone on Verizon, which I hope will be on 21 June, to stay competitive with other carriers. The new blue color looks pretty good but do I have the patience to wait if it is delayed? Or do I order white and return it in 2 weeks and get the blue if it is in. You think you have problems!!!
  15. Eryl Flynn

    Eryl Flynn Android Enthusiast

    Need? No, it will be fast. Want, hell yea. Really wanted to hold for a quad but there is no quad in sight.

    Just wanting to verify if the Verizon and other versions are all the same foot print. That would be sweet as vendors would be more likely to build accessories for the GS3 like they do some of the nice iPhone accessories.
  16. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the world of posting! Thank you for that information. I am curious on the 32GB expandable slot. Any word if it will take a 64GB card like they mentioned at the unveiling??
  17. jimbo1mcm

    jimbo1mcm Android Enthusiast

    On another forum, a poster reported that a 64 GB Micro SD, formatted in ExFat works fine in the S3.
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  18. AndroidFan69

    AndroidFan69 Lurker

    Thank you AntimonyER! I didn't realize that Sprint and Tmo already announced their release dates. I sure hope you're right!

    Eryl Flynn, I agree with you in the want factor, however, I think that the quad core with LTE would drain that battery too fast. Maybe with a bigger battery like the 3300 MaH in the Razr Maxx, but at 2100 it would be tough to get a full day IMO. I would definitely like to see some nice accessories like they have for the iPhone too :D

    Thank you finn5975! And you are welcome. I too wondered about the 64 GB card. Unfortunately, his specs said up to 32 GB. He was tech savvy, but was learning the specs as I was asking him questions. He hadn't even heard about the phone until I talked to him and I believe I may have convinced him into the S3 over the Nexus he was considering getting. I asked about the 64 GB on board version and he said that they didn't have any pricing available as of now, but that's not to say that they won't have that by the time of the launch. Looks like we're back into the "Time will tell" mode, but I'm very much relieved to know it will officially be a Verizon phone as I had be patiently awaiting information on the "Droid Fighter" and after weeks and weeks of waiting I began learning about the S3, thanks Motorola! LoL :p
  19. Fahrenheit85

    Fahrenheit85 Member

    Verzion just kept this customer. Will this drop before the end of the grand fathered unlimited data ends? Also any guess what off contract price will be?
  20. AndroidFan69

    AndroidFan69 Lurker

    The rep I spoke with this morning said they still have no info on the shared tier plans and usually get a "notice" about 2 weeks ahead of time for training purposes. He said that they are estimating an announcement around mid to late summer. He quoted me Full Retail pricing of $599 for the 16 GB and $649 for the 32 GB. Hope this helps :beer:
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  21. svensett

    svensett Android Enthusiast

    Read the previous posts... :D
  22. Codec

    Codec Android Enthusiast

    and that also is too big
  23. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Android Expert

    Really? Wow. :)
  24. Shockwave78

    Shockwave78 Android Enthusiast

    Is there any reason to get the 32GB when you could just get microsd card and throw in the 16gb version?

    Lots of deals going around usually for 32gb cards and such for minimal $$, so that is why i ask.
  25. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert

    I was wondering about this myself, because the last I heard the grandfathering would remain UNLESS you purchased a subsidized phone. There is wording in the Verizon press release that makes me think the GF/subsidation may have already began:

    "Customers that purchase a Galaxy S III will need to subscribe to a 4G LTE mobile broadband data package starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data."

    Of course that may only be in the release for new customers. Guess we will have to wait till Wednesday morning to find out for sure.

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