verizon pre-paid vs post paid. are there any real differences


verizon pre-paid vs post paid. are there any real differences in practical application?

website shows:
pre-paid may have "roaming charges". in the usa, a re there actually roaming charging frequently? i am in miami area [urban w/ good+ coverage] but do drive to orlando, the florisa keys and through the middle of the swamps to get to the west coast of florida

pre-paid, i cannot buy the super insurance i have including direct access to tech coach? i called tech coach and the agent told me that i can still call them and they may help, but tech coach will not have access to my history

on prepaid will i still recieve the volte or extended lte which is very fast when i get it. i live in central miami. there are areas where i down load at 45+ mbps and where i live is a dead spot that so i use an extender.

when wifi calling in a norm on verizon?

what are the practical differences in being a verizon pre-aid vs post paid customer

my next cell phone will likely be a nexus 6P and i can go anywhere


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From my side of it, always a VZW customer for 20+ years, my only experience with the PrePaid phones have been friends who bought the cheap non-smart phone versions.

but none of them ever had a 'roaming charge'... VZW has a very extensive network in the lower 48 and you will never see a roaming charge unless you wander outside the USA.

Roaming charges are a thing of the past, all the carriers are now scratching each other's backs in that regard. I have not had a "Roaming Charge" in well over 20 years.... in the fine print, that is usually related to carriers outside the USA.

PrePaid is a way to get a phone 'right now' and not be tied into a surcharge if you don't need to have a ph0ne in a few months. And obviously it is a way for folks to keep changing phone numbers willy nilly if they are trying to stay hidden from someone or government entity.


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i am only interested in saving money--not hiding from anyone; not switching numbers.

i am planning my retirement. everything i save goes into my travel buget. if i can save $30 a month hear and $50 per month there, my life improves and my desire to live over seas in various locales for one month at a time becomes more likely. between cable and insurance and all the small things in life that i likely will not really miss, i will save $3 or $4,000. per year. moving into a smaller apartment rather than a big house will save me another $1500 per month or $18,000 per year.
back to my original questions: practical, in the real world differences in services on verizon between pre-paid and post paid?

i may end up on t-mobile or Fi, but first: what is the best i can do big red


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My girl has prepaid and I have contract ,, both of us have the note 4 ...... no difference other than price per month and she won't get service out of the United States. ,,, (update ) also noticed that we have different PRLS. ..
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I have been having problems with my Verizon prepaid plan lately. I need to start a separate post, but thought it would also be helpful for you. I have lived in the same area (California Central Coast area) for 8 months with the same Verizon prepaid plan and same phone Galaxy S4. Up until 2 weeks ago I never had a dropped call in my home area (inside or outside). In the last 2 weeks, I haven't been able to make or receive calls with any success. Same thing for my wife, also on Verizon prepaid, but with a Moto Droid M.

I have talked to customer service many times. They say that I am in a marginal service area and my phone is showing as roaming on their system. I asked how I could be roaming if I have a tower 1/4 mile from my house. Their response was that it wasn't a tower that could be used by the prepaid plans, that it was a contract tower. That was the first I ever heard about prepaid vs post paid plans using different towers. Their solution to me was for me to sign up on a contract (post paid) plan.

So, there is a difference in the service, but you won't find that out from anyone at a Verizon store. They don't seem to understand the system well enough.


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So, there is a difference in the service, but you won't find that out from anyone at a Verizon store. They don't seem to understand the system well enough.

no one behind the sales counter in a retail store knows beans about how the system works... none of them are paid more than entry level wages.... and none of them are Engineers....

Call Verizon and demand that they escalate you up to the Technical Support, get away from the Script Reading Kiddies that answer the phone on the 1st or 1,000th ring.

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