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[Verizon] Question about OTA on current ROM, and some specific factors when choosing a ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crackface, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. crackface

    crackface Member
    Thread Starter

    Comparing SynergyROM and Hyperdrive....

    So I've been running on SynergyROM since almost their first release, and it seems to work very well, with a few VERY minor exceptions:

    • Bluetooth is a little flakey. Sometimes bluetooth to a speaker skips a little, though one internet streaming app doesn't seem to skip but Pandora does (it never did on stock). Nothin major, I can deal.
    • Battery life seems less than desirable, but admittedly I don't have a quality benchmark to weigh this opinion against, nor do I know the best way to measure this when trying one ROM vs. another.
    • No built-in option that I can find where I can snapshot screen...used to really like that in an older phone's ROM I had, and used it more than I realized.
    My first glaring question, do I have to worry about accidental OTA updates with this new problem OTA that everyone says can't be rooted? I can't seem to find out if Synergy allows OTA updates, and Hyperdrive XDA page lists in one section "HyperdriveOTA- Recieve Over the Air Updates" but then later in the post shows "Removed from ROM - Samsung and Verizon OTA updates"...so not sure what that all means. Is one ROM safer than the other to ensure we don't get undesired OTAs?


    I see in recent months, the Hyperdrive ROM over at XDA got 552,566 views and 6,553 posts...compared to Synergy's 133,886 views and 1,099 replies. It also looks like Hyperdrive has gone through more recent revisions. I also notice the two ROMs use 2 different kernels.

    For someone like me where primary goal is battery life and wifi/bluetooh (and overall) stability, and secondary goals of granular ability to configure options, would anyone recommend one ROM over the other?

    I'm really tempted to try out Hyperdrive given the attention it's gotten over at XDA, but would tremendously appreciate anyone who has an opinion on this before make a jump to a new ROM.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  2. crackface

    crackface Member
    Thread Starter

    Dang it, I did it again, I somehow posted this in the regular VZW section instead of S4 All Things Root Verizon. Could I kindly ask a mod to move it? My sincerest apologies....
  3. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Thread moved. :)

    When you're on any custom ROM, an OTA update to the stock ROM should fail. Even if it downloads and you try to install it, it will just error out. I suppose there COULD be an exception to that, but *I* haven't heard of one yet.

    As for the ROM comparison, I really can't help you since I've not used either of those ROMs. The only ROM I've used so far (and am still using) is CleanROM. The Dev on that has moved on to other things, so it's not being updated. That's OK with me because it does everything I want a ROM to do.
    1) it works. :)
    2) it has good battery life.
    Yes, my needs are few...

    Of the two you mentioned, I would be more tempted to go with Synergy. Over the years I've found that heavily modified ROMs TEND to be the ones with more problems. Which is NOT to say that I think Hyperdrive is a bad ROM, many folks in that thread swear it's the best they've ever used. It's just a personal preference for me.
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  4. crackface

    crackface Member
    Thread Starter


    Did not know this, thank you!

    Sound advice, seems logical...I'm not looking for any bells and whistles above stock'ish stuff, and want more stability and battery over large amount of tweaks and customizations.

    I was just surprised to the see the Hyperdrive thread at XDA had wayyyyy more attention on it, and wondered if that implied anything.

    Thanks a ton for your advice!!!
  5. dylancam90

    dylancam90 Lurker

    As far as the screen shot goes there is a motion feature where you can slide your hand across the screen and it will save it. As far as the battery did you install the stock kernal it came with?

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