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Verizon rolling out Marshmallow

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ironass, May 27, 2016.

  1. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    The U.S. carrier minority variant for Verizon, G900V, is getting Marshmallow, Android 6.0.1, rolled out to it by the carrier, as I type. The firmware comes with the May security update.

    I wonder what modifications, omissions and bloatware Verizon have made this time around.



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    Post #6 by IdaBoy, May 29, 2016 (1 points)

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  3. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User


    I am going to wait at least 3 weeks to see what is written up about 6.0 VZW on the S5.

    I am on vacation for the next 3 weeks, and do NOT want to conduct any experiments
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  4. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    ^^^ The difference between stock Samsung firmware updates and Verizon's own updates. I'm pleased when I get an update. :)

    In other news... Verizon has made it into the U.K. newspapers...

    39,000 striking Verizon workers could be back at work 'next week'

    "Verizon is “the poster child for corporate greed”, claiming the company is only motivated by profit and does not pay enough tax."

    Lets hope that no employees with a grudge have been working on this new Verizon update. :(
  5. dynomot

    dynomot Android Expert

    There is a merit (at least one, possibly more, who knows I've only visited Florida!) to living in the UK as apposed to the US. Having networks that are little more than "dumb pipes" (they try and be more, but at least all phones that say S6 or HTC 10 or Android phone of your choice are the same model as any other S6, HTC 10 or whatever and can run the same firmware) is a blessing. So the next time you curse Vodafone, be grateful it's not Verizon instead.
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  6. victek

    victek Android Enthusiast

    Complaints? LOL! Anyway, no sign of it yet on my Verizon S5.
  7. IdaBoy

    IdaBoy Newbie

  8. Debra Mcneill

    Debra Mcneill Lurker

    I received my ota 6.0.1 update on 28 May. Build#MMB29M.G900VVRU2DPD1.
    I haven't had any problems. Only added app I see is go90. It still gives you option for sd storage
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  9. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    I will be back from vacation on June 15th, will see if all are happy then...
    if no sour puss remarks, will allow my S5 to update.
    Verizon: Note 4, two ea. Galaxy S5, HTC One M9, VZW MiFi
  10. teallin

    teallin Newbie

    Downloading mine now. will see if everything goes well.
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  11. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

  12. IdaBoy

    IdaBoy Newbie

    Downloaded this late yesterday, did cache wipe and no issues yet. I have only noticed some minor differences, icons a bit different looking and 1weather on lock screen.
  13. teallin

    teallin Newbie

    Installed yesterday afternoon and everything went very smooth. Phone seems to to be running a little smoother and slightly quicker. I did notice that My Magazine is finally gone, was always running in background even though it was turned off.
  14. NibX

    NibX Newbie

    I installed it this morning. Everything seems to be working good so far.
  15. WAWood8

    WAWood8 Well-Known Member

    Downloaded and installed this morning. It removed OneMoreClock from my home screen, and I had to reinstall it and play some stupid games moving things around to get it back on my home screen. But now that's done, everything else appears to be OK, including bluetooth & WiFi.
  16. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    got a question on this Marshmallow.

    can an APP now turn DATA on/off ??

    back with 4.4.4 and older, the answer is 'yes', but with 5.1.1 the answer is 'no'.

    anyone tried to see if Android 6 will let an app turn DATA off/on with a macro or other action?

    I hate doing it manually, I keep forgetting that I have turned on DATA and it is running the down the battery faster than it should. background apps calling home to momma, etc...

  17. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Thankfully AZg1500, it would seem that reading this and other forums, that the Marshmallow update from Verizon has been received very well indeed and that there are far fewer complaints with their release of it than I anticipated. Considering that this is Verizon's first changelist # update in almost a year, it looks as though Verizon has finally nailed the update process. :)
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  18. victek

    victek Android Enthusiast

    The update to 6.0.1 was flawless for me, however I did need to remove a number of apps that were causing problems afterward, such as the Next lockscreen. Nova Launcher is working fine though :)
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  19. rliss54

    rliss54 Lurker

    Did my update yesterday. It went fine until I discovered that Smart Lock no longer works.
    I have a Verizon branded phone
    Android 6.0.1
    Baseband G900VVRU2DPD1
    Kernal 3.4.0

    Smart Lock worked great for connection to my Huawei Watch and Home before the update. Any suggestion?

    I use a PIN lock screen and Verizons homescreen
    I encrypt my phone and SD card per work requirements.
  20. Pattie

    Pattie Newbie

    Anyone having battery drain since the update? Was draining after only 6 hours, I did a cache wipe and have power saver on. At 5:15 I have 12% battery left. Unpluggedit it with full battery at 8:30 this morning. I use Clean Master and boost regularly. Phone is also running hot. After typing this message I have 8% battery. Any suggestions?
  21. victek

    victek Android Enthusiast

    Yes, look at your third party apps. Before the update I was using the Next lock screen, a call blocker and an AV. After the update the phone was barely usable and the battery was draining badly. After uninstalling those apps performance and battery life are back to normal.
  22. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    I let my Note 4 do the MM upgrade.
    totally flawless, and nothing on my home screens changed.

    impressed, VZW finally got it right.
  23. philayl

    philayl Android Expert

    Oh dear AZ praising VZW, will the sky fall in next?o_O:D Phil
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  24. mriff

    mriff Member

    I also noticed that Smart Lock doesn't appear to be working. I have my home and SYNC system in my truck identified and still have to unlock with a finger print. Can't seem to fix it. Any ideas?
  25. Pattie

    Pattie Newbie

    Oh well, finding more glitches. Aside from the awful battery drain, I am not getting any Gmail notifications, and had to manually get my email on my other account, wouldn't update on its own. Lots of lag, and photos of my contacts no longer appear when they call me. I'm up for a new phone, I was hoping to put it off for a while but I don't think I want to deal with all these issues.
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  26. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    ?? Pattie, you are making me wonder if I want to allow my S5 to update to MM.
    it went fine on my Note 4... some notifications have changed, but those can be changed individually.
    did you read the special notes about how MM now allows you to control all of that stuff?
    it is not just the s5, it is MM itself.


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