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[Verizon] [ROM][AOSP][4.0.3][CDMA] Bugless Beast by Peter Alfonso

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SolidOrange, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert

    I would love to use this ROM as I have heard great things about Pete's ROMs. The fact that NFC doesn't work is what is holding me back :(

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  2. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    doesn't bother me because i haven't found a single store that accepts NFC payments and don't know anyone else with a GNex. :eek:

    also wanted to add that RunAndHide just sent me a .zip with all of the 4.0.3 softkey/battery mods in it. i will be posting them in the first post of this thread once he has cleared me to do so. :D
  3. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  4. fam

    fam Android Enthusiast

    Mcdonalds is what I used....got $10 from google just for using their prepaid card.
  5. StingRay

    StingRay Well-Known Member

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  6. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    i already registered and got my $10 on Fab's build of 4.0.2. i haven't been to a McD's in years, but i may have to go now just to see if they accept google wallet. of course, if they do, i would have to completely switch roms just to get my big mac 10 seconds sooner, and i don't know if that would be worth it. :p
  7. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert

    I guess I'm lucky, there are a lot of places around me that accepts Wallet. For what it's worth, I have found that it's accepted at almost all CVS, Hess and Sunoco's I've come in contact with
  8. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    i just checked here, and it looks like only 3 places near me have it. CVS, Rite Aid, and Wendy's... none of which i ever go to anyway, so i guess i'm safe without it for now.
  9. poraguy

    poraguy Lurker

    Hi, I just tried to load Pete's 12-22 ROM. I used ROM manager to download and then started the install. Everything seemed to be OK and the Nexus rebooted and now is locked in the flash screen. I have tried removing the battery and when I reboot it goes to the flash screen and stays there. How do I boot into recovery from here? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    turn the phone off. hold down volume+ and volume- while pressing the power button to reboot into fastboot mode. from there, use the volume keys to select recovery mode, and power to select. this should take you into clockworkmod recovery where you can restore your last backup... assuming you made one. hope you get it worked out!
  11. poraguy

    poraguy Lurker

    SolidOrange, thanks very much for the reply. I found another post with the procedure you recommended. I tried that repeatedly with no luck. I just got back from the Verizon store, they couldn't do it either. Since I have only had the phone for two weeks they gave me a new one. Now I get to start over. BTW, I did have a backup but just couldn't get to it.

    Maybe someone will come up with another way to do a hard reset when this happens to them.

    Thanks again.
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  12. chamjin

    chamjin Newbie

    hi, is there way to revert softkeys to stock ? I do not like the order of the buttons or don't want 4th button (search).

  13. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    SolidOrange. Are you still using Pete's ROM and if so how is battery life for you? Are you using a custom kernel?

  14. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I am on Codename Android now with LeanKernel now, but battery life was solid on Bugless with Fab's Apex kernel when i used it. it seems slightly better on Codename so far, but i could easily make it through a 12 hour day with moderate use on either set-up. :cool:
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  15. dabomb224

    dabomb224 Android Enthusiast

    If I may ask, are the blue check marks that show up in the toggle boxes of all 4.0.3 ROMs native to 4.0.3? I really liked the contrast of the Green check marks and the native blue text in stock 4.0.2, and have yet to find a 4.0.3 ROM that has them.
  16. stpbby

    stpbby Member

    I'm sure you're aware and this may not be what your looking for, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents.
    I use Minimilistic Text to show a simple numerical battery level and also up-time on my home screen.
  17. Penguissimo

    Penguissimo Android Enthusiast

    So I'm running the 1/22 nightly and paid Market apps don't seem to work at all. I can install free apps from the browser or from the phone just fine, and I can pay for paid apps, but they never actually download, no matter whether I try to install them from the phone or the browser. This is true of newly purchased apps as well as ones I've had forever. I've already tried force stopping the Market, clearing its data, and uninstalling the Market updates (with reboots after each of these actions), but it's still stuck. Has anyone else run into this? I'm going to try the 1/30 nightly later on to see if that helps.

    edit: Looks like a random Market blip; everything was fine the next morning.
  18. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    Good Lord this ROM is good. Battery life is remarkable. No mods (except for status bar toggles) just pure silky smoothie thanks Solid! :D
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