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[Verizon] [ROM] Eclipse v1.4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VoidedSaint, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja
    Thread Starter



    Battery Options

    Full AOSP ICS 4.0.4
    ICS bootanimation
    Superuser and su binary built - ChansDD
    Mobile Hotspot Hack
    USB Tethering enabled
    4.0.4 Proprietaries added
    Full ICS theme throughout the rom
    Inverted Applications (Black/white text)

    Status Bar Tweaks
    1% mod - Accurate battery
    Powerwidget toggles - CM source (customize in Eclipse Settings)
    IME toggle - Romanbb
    Battery options - Syaoran
    Clock Options - Syaoran

    Navigation Bar Tweaks
    Added a persistent menu key option
    Added Search key option with long press brings up voice search
    Hide recents key and add long press home
    Longpress back to kill - CM

    Additional Apps
    DSP Manager
    Terminal Emulator
    File Manager compiled with ICS SDK
    Extra live wallpapers
    Apex Launcher as the default launcher - Android Does
    Eclipse Wallpapers app
    Eclipse Settings integrated into the settings app (not much there yet)
    Appwidget Picker - Boombuler/BlackDino for giving it the ICS appearance
    Sense4 clock widget - just cause it looks nice :) - J3bu5Cru57 [MOD] Sense 4.0 clock widget APK - xda-developers

    Misc Tweaks
    Extended power options (reboot menu) -CM
    Volume to wake toggle
    Longpress Volume to change music tracks - CM
    Quiet Hours - CM
    Custom carrier text
    Navigation bar settings
    Status bar settings
    Facebook Sync - Roman
    init.d support
    sysctl tweaks
    Changed DNS servers to Google
    insecure boot.img
    Extra camera effects are added

    Download Eclipse v1.4: http://eclipserom.co...lick.php?id=110
    md5: 60d9c5edada13400be7c556ab48e3883

    Download Google Apps 04.25.2012: http://eclipserom.co...lick.php?id=111

    Installation Instructions
    1. Download Eclipse Rom
    2. Download Google Apps (G-Apps)
    3. Reboot into clockworkmod recovery
    4. Wipe data in CWM recovery
    5. Install EclipseRom-v1.x.zip
    6. Install gapps-ics-20120425-Eclipse.zip
    7. Reboot


    v1.4 4/25/12
    Fixed long press back issues
    New Eclipse Settings
    Added new wallpapers - ashclepdia
    Added battery/clock options - syaoran12/romanbb
    Set softkey animations to 0 to speed up Navigation bar
    Removed bugmailer
    Optimizing pngs during compile process (not sure if this even does anything)
    Updated G-Apps

    v1.3 4/20/12
    Long press back kill app - Danesh
    Volume rocker wake
    Long press volume to change music tracks - CM
    Revamped Eclipse settings interface
    Added Quiet Hours - CM
    Hide IME toggle - romanbb

    v1.2 4/17/12
    Dark UI for the keyboard
    Long press home/hide recents - syaoran12
    Custom carrier text (enter your own)
    Increased softkey animation again
    Cleaned up navigation bar padding and images
    Organized Eclipse settings

    v1.1 4/12/12
    Added quad lockscreen
    Added menu/search key options -xoomdev
    Relocated carrier text to under clock on lockscreen
    Shortened animation time to allow fast transitions
    Enabled 360 degree rotation
    Increased the speed of soft key animations
    Cleaned up ICS theme for old framework
    Sped up orientation speed
    Fixed facebook sync
    Added Eclipse bootanimation

    1.0.1 4/8/12
    Inverted MMS
    Inverted Dialer
    Inverted Contacts
    T9 Dialer - CM
    Updated Google Apps
    Revamped toggles (changed code to point to images rather than a color)
    Blacked out framework
    Themed the GB portion of the framework to match ICS

    v1.0 4/5/12
    Initial Release

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  2. kvirus70

    kvirus70 Newbie

    VS, you were the one who told me about BAMF so I'm dl this right now to give it a spin.
  3. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja
    Thread Starter

    I actually am not on this, I saw it on rootz and noticed we didn't have it here, so I added it to the from list, and made a thread for it.

    But do please let me know how it goes!
  4. kvirus70

    kvirus70 Newbie

    I'm getting to a full charge and see how the kernel plays with the battery before I try LK.

    It's REALLY smooth actually, the customization is on par with BAMF I suppose. It's a dim ROM though, so I had to up my brightness settings being half blind and all. It has Apex and while I'm not a fan, I'll deal and if I really like the ROM I will goof with Nova.
    Don't like the native keyboard so I went to Swift X as well.

    I do like that you can change the battery color when only a text which is kinda nice, but no hidden nav bar as of yet.

    VS I'd give it a try, and maybe shoot Trophy a hey yo too, as with the .04 radios I added, it's a signal hog. No kidding. Like DX hog seriously. I was at -90 for almost 20m then I lost my 4G and after about 5 min when it came back its at a steady -90/102ish now since I started setting up my home screen and no 4G dropping.

    Since I know you and Trophy are fighting with that, I look out for some kind of signal hell relief for you 2. I will really monitor it all morning tomorrow as I'll be at the new house for a good 5 hours and no where near this tower so I can really log how it reacts and if it plays nice.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: After 5.5 hours and switching to Lean, the phone stayed in deep sleep and for the first time on any rom, the cell standby and phone idle battery usage were in the 40s and screen was at like 7 so it is using almost zero battery while sleeping.( 100% to 91% at wake) Have not had signal below -101 for the last 30 min or so. I'm going to drop apex and try Nova for the rest of the day as well.
    TexDaddy57 and VoidedSaint like this.
  5. TexDaddy57

    TexDaddy57 Well-Known Member

    Flashed this when this thread first hit here. Liked it quite a bit, but went back to a couple others I was playing with. Just checked the and V. 1.6.4 is available, and it is at the above link posted by VoidedSaint.
    Now for the noob question...To flash LeanK do I do a delv wipe? I'm thinking yes, but better ask before I loose something.
  6. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja
    Thread Starter

    yes you wipe dalvik cache, and it doesnt hurt to wipe cache partition
    TexDaddy57 likes this.
  7. TexDaddy57

    TexDaddy57 Well-Known Member

    I have been using this rom (1.6.4) with the latest LK . Has been very
    stable. No dropped calls. Data performs as well as any other rom I have tried. AS with all the battery life if short...bad eyes so I keep the brightness at its max.
    The Swype keyboard takes getting use to though.
    Won me over from liquid.....for now......
  8. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja
    Thread Starter

    i do prefer the black instead of grey look that comes in eclipse, however that swype keyboard just didnt suit me at all, however i will probably nandroid my b37 and try it out again, i just dont like swype all that much
  9. TexDaddy57

    TexDaddy57 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Swype is kinda touchy. I got real use to slide it. There is always going back to the Android keyboard but I kinda like the way I can "type" with just my right thumb,
  10. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja
    Thread Starter

    well i got back on eclipse, it just needs a few more features, like aokp and it can be a daily driver
  11. TexDaddy57

    TexDaddy57 Well-Known Member

    I'm back on bamf... I'll revisit this on the next release to see if it will
    become mine.

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