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Not to diss DV because he did a TON of work trying to get MIUI to work on the T-bolt, but I don't see the allure (at least not yet) in using MIUI on the brand spanking new ICS.

When MIUI first came out on Froyo, most of us had the D1 for a year and it was frankly starting to get a little stale. When people upgraded to phones with Gingerbread, it frankly wasn't much different visually, so I get the eagerness for it then too.

But ICS is so fresh and interesting and just NEW that I can't see a ton of interest in MIUI with it right now. If you wanted your phone to look like an Apple that badly, at this point in time especially, you should just go get a 4S.

Just my 2 cents.


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I am not a MIUI fan in any regards and I love ICS so I didn't bother flashing this but I know some people love MIUI so I just wanted to put it out over here.

I think you are right that with everyone getting official ICS right now there isn't much interest. I don't think people who like it should just go to iOS since there are still plenty of things you can do with MIUI that you can't do with iOS
Plus Android pawns iOS IMO ;)


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I definitely tried to like MIUI on my OG, but the lack of app drawer made it a no go. I like my homescreens clean and simple and access apps when I need them in a separate place.
There were some nice tweaks like the browser, camera and I believe they added an EQ. In addition, they seem to update very frequently.
However, seeing all these ROMs come out within days of the phones' release just gets me giddy!