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[Verizon] [Root][app]change dpi per app on the fly!no more dpi issues!all apps in multiview without flashing!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by N0P PH473, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Member
    Thread Starter

    Root required-Universal-works on any carrier
    Make sure you have busybox installed!

    Install the xposed installer
    Open the xposed installer app and click install/update

    [Edit]Next install this

    Go back int xposed installer in the modules tab and enable xposed app settings.

    Open xposed app settings from your drawer and have fun.
    If you have problems install/update again after enabling module and reboot.

    Now you can modify the dpi of any app on the fly.changes stick, and there's no need to download multi dpi modded apps.you can have ur launcher set to 192dpi - tapatalk to 150 dpi or even your systemui to 240dpi without affecting other apps! you can fix ur dialer, camera, Anything!

    Credits go to the authors
    Thread here

    And here

    Original post here
    Revo89 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=24267797source code-links-better explanation

    buy this friggen guy a keg..

    Google around for extra xposed mods

    [Edit]hey just found a mod to fix multiwindow to allow all apps in split view-no flashing!!!make sure to enable the module first and reboot!
    Download it HERE--> http://db.tt/b1hASleP

    Also call recording(untested)
    ->>> http://db.tt/RKZPs6ng

    I use the call recording option from tweakbox- not all settings from tweakbox may work! (When using tweakbox enable proper libraries.)--> http://db.tt/zsdh2YZW

    make sure to enable library file if needed!

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  2. N0P PH473

    N0P PH473 Member
    Thread Starter

    Updated links.
    Should fix some probs.

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