[Verizon] Rooted but Superuser not working: FIXED


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Ok I rooted my phone (Galaxy Nexus Toolkit 6.1) and unlocked my bootloader, but can't get any apps that require root to run. Everything I do gets automatically denied, I don't get a chance or option to prompt to allow superuser. I originally got one of the ad block programs to work which was the reason for the root.

I'm running stock 4.0.4. No custom roms have been loaded.

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You may not have the correct su.zip for Jellybean. Check out step #3 of this post:


Note the bold, red portion of it. There is a link to a version of su.zip there which is known to work on 4.0.4. Place it on your sdcard, then flash in your custom recovery and see if that gets things working for you.

You may be able to use the SuperSU app from the market to do this for you although I'm not positive if it'll work without perceived root. Worth a shot though.


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Have you gone into the settings for the superuser app and made sure the setting to automatically deny root isn't checked?

Or try going to the manage applications settings and clear the data for the superuser app.


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I cleared the log, only 3 denies of the screen shot app that I tried after installing the above mentioned version of SU.

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I had SU set to "allow" changed to "prompt"

Apps List
Show status icons - checked
Status icon type - emoticon
Show log data - checked

enable loggin - checked
delete old log entries - checked
user 24 hour format - checked
show seconds - blank
select date format - default
clear log

notifications: checked
Notification type: toast

Superuser v3.0.7 (41)
Su binary v.
outdated binary notification - checked
use advanced prompt - blank
changelog - 3.0.7 2011-11-20

I won't be home again until late tonight so I'll try tomorrow to run the Toolkit to verify I have root access.


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Ran reroot from the Toolkit, nothing has changed. Installed that SU.apk as suggested, keeps asking for an update that I keep ignoring.

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smp preempt Fri Apr 13 11:35:09 PDT 2012


EDIT: Looks like I lost root access when I took the OTA 4.04 update.
EDIT 2: Just upgraded Toolkit 7.8 and ran the root process and it's working now. Sorry I did not even realize I lost root as the ads were still being blocked.