Verizon S5 On MetroPCS

Anybody else have a problem activating this phone on metro pcs? Everytime I call them or do live chat, the imei of my Verizon Galaxy S5 shows up as a blackberry phone?!? Hence, they cant/wont activate. I went to the corporate store and they said Metro wont work with unlocked Verizon phones, yet I have a verizon note 3 on Metro pcs currently right now ??? Just seeing if anyone has a solution?

the hulk

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I have the same problem with my verizon note 3, I'm just going to sell it outright and get a tmobile branded one


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i have a Verizon galaxy s4 connected to metropcs and i just mess with the freqency it receives so i am able to get 4g lte connectivty so that shouldnt be a issue just tell them its a tmobile phone because at first they didnt want to connect it but if you lie ill be ok