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Verizon Samsung S4

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by umiwangu, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. umiwangu

    umiwangu Lurker
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    I'm having some problems with my wife's S4 on cricket. I recently ported her over from Verizon and most things work well. There are a couple quirks I'd like to iron out. Some contacts can't dial out because +1 is added to the beginning of every outgoing call number. For most numbers, this is ok, but some already have a 1 and those calls fail. She also gets a message that she has unread voicemails and to dial *86, but that call fails (I suspect because it adds +1?). The phone also always says that the SIM card is not recognized.

    Again, these aren't major things, but it'd be nice to have it work completely.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  2. wpcprez

    wpcprez Newbie

    unfortunately that's the problem with using a verizon phone on a att/cricket/tmobile. I've had the same issue and just switched to tmobile phones since they have unlocked bootloaders. There are some apps that will help with this but for me it wasn't worth the trouble

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