Root [Verizon] Samsung says if I restart paused 4.2.1>4.4.2 it'll BRICK


So I stopped the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 from updating in January and Samsung says if I resume the phone will brick.

Of course 4.4.2 will probably stink on this phone (Google problems), but I think my only option as bootloader change &/or rooting might brick it too is to get it repaired by Samsung and updated to 4.4.2 to at least have a working GN2. Does anyone not agree?

And I thought 4.3 might be problematic oh well all they said on the 4.4.x update was "
The update brings all the usual KitKat features, such as the updated lock screen, emoji support in keyboard, updated notification bar and all the under the hood improvements.
Other than that, Samsung is also bundling its Knox 2.0 software for enterprise users, with dual persona feature and TIMA real time kernel protection."

I know this is a very annoying novice part 2 question but thanks for reading!