Root [Verizon] SOLVED Need help with root.


Why is phone sometimes rooted, sometimes not.

Samsung Galaxy Note II;
Cyanogenmod 2.10 (JB 4.3)
Used CASUAL to root and unlock phone weeks ago.

Now the phone my be rooted, may not be.
Like now, used SuperUser Pro, it worked as rooted.
Tried again later and was not able to use it as rooted.

How do you find out which root apk you are using?
I have Superuser but it list no programs as able to use it.

Any ideas on how to solve this?



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Doesn't CM have its own SU baked into the roms?
Forgive me but I don't run CM, but I'm on Carbon. Both AOSP roms.
I didn't think you needed a separate SU app with CM? I could be wrong.


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Thanks for replying.
I do not know either.
I've tried with SU on and uninstalled... same thing.
I turned the phone off during Christmas dinner... now root is back.
It seems to come and go.


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Yes, sometimes I can use System Turner Pro and Root Explorer... sometimes not.
Therein lies the problem. Sometimes I have root... sometimes not.
Root works great for days... then it stops.
Piddle with phone, try to find out why, do this, do that... then it comes back.
Why, I don't know.
It's varies as how long root works.
As of this minute... root is working.