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Jan 25, 2012
Northeast OH
I deleted a couple of apps that I need to reinstall to get wifi Direct to work:

AllShare ControlShare Service 1.0.0 (
AllShare FileShare Service 1.4r476 (

Any idea where I can get an apk of this to put these back on my S4? I'm rooted and still stock.

[SOLVED] Got what I needed. Thanks to all who advised me.
I got the apps (I think) from the Repository Folder on the following site:

The apps I got are as follows:


Are these the right apps for the S4? I understand these are new versions of these files. Will they work with the S4, or should I be using AllShare ControlShare Service 1.0.0? How do I install them? I'm really kind of new to this. All help appreciated.
Is this the procedure I'd use to install these files:

Now that you've downloaded your favorite stock apps, It's time to flash them onto your device. For flashing apk's you'll need a Root Explorer or any other equivalent explorer.

Step 1: Download the Apk from the above links.

Step 2: Using Root Explorer, Move the downloaded apk to System/App folder.

Step 3: Change Permissions by tapping and holding the app. Make sure to set permissions to rw-r--r-- (0644)

Step 4: Reboot into Recovery.

Step 5: Wipe Cache partition and Dalvik Cache. (Advanced > Dalvik cache)

Step 6: Reboot your phone and you'll find the app(s) automatically installed in your app tray.

Enjoy your favorite stock apps.

Will wiping Cache and Dalvik mess up my Google Wallet install? Should I reset it before doing this? I'm really lost!
I don't know if these steps will work or not. (they should, but I haven't had to do this yet)
BUT, I will certainly recommend adding a critical step

Before anything else, make a nandroid backup from recovery.
I don't know about google wallet install, but to be on the safe side, resetting it would be a good idea.
Good call on the Nandroid. I made one, but didn't need it (thankfully). I had to go through the whole "incomplete reset" thing with Google Wallet:

I know this is for the S3, but the same thing happened on my S4.

Needless to say, it was rather interesting but I managed to get everything working again. I reset GW (eventually), put the 3 files I needed into system/app (AllShareFileshareService.apk, AllShareFileshareService.odex and AllShareControlshareService.apk), changed my build.prop to GNex, booted into recovery, flashed cache and Dalvik, booted up the phone, re-configured GW, changed the build.prop back, rebooted and all is well (phew).

Went hungry during that lunch hour!
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ouch - that was a long messy process! (didn't realize you would need to change your build prop.

Note to self - go crazy with titanium backup freeze/defrost - but don't uninstall anything