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[Verizon] Stock Rooted S3 not completing update.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Andy in NY, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    im rooted, and im getting a notification for a verizon software update. every time i try to install it says update failed.

    im even open to unrooting, but i have no idea what im doing, and the person that rooted it for me is unavailable for the next week. its draining my battery because it keeps trying to install the update.

    any suggestions?

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  2. hopedpocketts

    hopedpocketts Well-Known Member

    if you are rooted and are receiving an update it will unroot your device. since it will not install the update i would recommend not installing the update. do a Google search to disable update notifications for the software update, also most custom roms disable system updates. if you update a new rooting method will be needed in most cases and sometimes not available for a while. i recommend not updating, or installing a custom rom. i have quite a bit of experience in this field. hope this helps.
  3. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    how hard is it to unroot? a friend convinced me to root, however I have not really done anything with it that has required root. I would almost prefer to go back to stock at this point.
  4. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Android Enthusiast

    Using Titanium Backup (or similar) app to freeze/uninstall the SDM1.0 process should stop the auto-update.

    I don't know if unrooting will enable the update to succeed since rooting itself doesn't modify any files. I would have to assume that the rooting method used did modify files (i.e. flashing a rooted, deodexed ROM) or there's another issue, independent of rooting, causing the update to fail.
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  5. SilentJ20

    SilentJ20 Newbie

    I have a mostly-stock rooted S3. The only change from the stock rom has been a theme for the row of buttons at the top of the notification screen (I can't remember which one, I apologize). I've been getting the pushed update (not JB) but the phone will not complete it successfully. Do I have to unroot or do a factory reset to apply the update? I can keep defering it, but with JB coming (eventually) I want to get it cleared up. Thanks,
  6. modestboy116

    modestboy116 Lurker

    Im having that same problem
  7. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Android Enthusiast

    You'll have to flash a bone-stock, unmodified ROM to get the update, then re-root and re-apply your (15-button?) theme. I think the theme is the culprit since, IIRC, it modifies system files.

    (or just not update, kill the update service, SNS or somesuch)
  8. badbeat33

    badbeat33 Newbie

    I have a situation similar to this but while I have no intention on installing the update my phone did download the update a few nights ago when I was asleep. Now it keeps prompting me to install the update and I've deferred it so many times that now it doesn't give me the option to defer any longer, it just tries to install it. I've done enough system modifications that it won't actually install anything but it continually tries (tries/fails/reboots phone).

    My question, can I delete the updated zip file on my phone in recovery? Will this harm anything?
  9. badbeat33

    badbeat33 Newbie

    Can you explain the "kill the update service, SNS or somesuch" comment? My phone has received the update but it won't install it due to system modifications (I do NOT want to install it). But it continually tries (tries/fails/reboots phone). I can't defer it any longer so I'm interested in learning how to either stop it from trying to install the update or just deleting the update from my phone all together. Advice? Much appreciated
  10. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Android Enthusiast

    If you did, what's to stop it from re-downloading it?

    Did you freeze/uninstall SDM?
  11. SilentJ20

    SilentJ20 Newbie

    Thanks Rolo, freezing the SDM1.0 process worked for me. I did not have to uninstall.
  12. Neuroses

    Neuroses Lurker

    If you have a custom recovery (cwm or twrp) you won't be able to install the ota updates. Also do not try if your bootloader is unlocked because it will probably soft brick your phone. Freezing SDM works like someone else said to stop getting the notifications. Someone also asked if they could delete the downloaded update in recovery. Ota's are downloaded into cache, so if you clear cache in recovery the downloaded files will be deleted as well.
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