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Apr 7, 2010
I need to return my phone to "stock" so I looked in the "Root guide" sticky it looks like it hasn't been updated. Isn't the latest VZW factory stock" image 4.04 ?

Where can I get it?

i have actually tried to locate it but was unable to, if someone can point me to it i will gladly update the unbrick section of my post

also you can still use the 4.0.2 method, and just take the OTA to IMM76K 4.0.4 and you will be fine. then lock your bootloader if that is what you want to go back to stock for
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I got it back to stock and "locked" thanks

Now I'm just waiting on its replacement to arrive tomorrow :/
i have had nothing but trouble with titanium backup when i try to move my backed up files to my pc, it will never allow it to happen. and when that happens, i lose all information :(