[Verizon] Ti Backup Freeze apps


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Has anyone tried to freeze apps? It doesn't seem to be working for me.


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I use an app called System Tuner Pro, if you read the app write up in the market it says that it can not freeze apps in ICS. It mentions that no app can do this at this time and it is an ICS issue. My quess is that it has something to do with ICS' native app freezing ability.


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I haven't tried to freeze any apps yet. Remember to reboot after the freeze. If that doesn't work the just change the extension on the system app and reboot that should work.

Example if you want to freeze systemUI.apk (which is a horrible choice) rename it to systemUI.old or systemUI.apk.bak or systemUI.apk.old or systemUI.bak then reboot and the app should be frozen.

To restore you would just need to change it back to how it was before you renamed it. I know .old and .bak extensions should work for this I am not sure but I would assume others would as well.


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We don't really need apps (or changing extensions) to freeze apps anymore unless they are system apps. Even the apps that VZW put on the phone can be frozen natively in android (haven't tried it with any system apps so don't know if you could but I'm going to say no).

Also, I'm sorry I didn't have enough caffine when I wrote my first reply, it is stopping apps at start up that can't be done in ICS yet.. Not freezing apps... /facepalm