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Verizon Users: Moto X Feedback

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zetroc, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. trharris78

    trharris78 Newbie

    I can vouch for the loudness of the Moto X... I have my volume at 1/2. Any higher seems plenty loud to me. I also noticed in a few reviews before I bought it that people thought the speaker (while only mono) was almost as good as the HTC One.

    Another nice feature... even when the volume is down, the touchless control voice seems to speak up at a higher volume. I've also noticed this in combination with Motorola Assist... if it's in "driving" mode and you get a text, it basically yells it at you. Maybe it's just a separate volume control, or maybe they were thinking ahead that you'd be in a loud car.

    Just Google moto x speaker and the first few hits will be favorable reviews for it. You could always try one out in a store, too.


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  2. psdpro

    psdpro Lurker

    One week in with my Verizon Moto X and I'm absolutely loving it. The Touchless Controls and Active Display put it on a level all it's own. I've already begun using them regularly. I ask it what the weather is going to be while I'm getting dressed in the morning. I set reminders while I'm driving to work. And at the end of the day when I'm ready to go home I just say "Navigate me home" and away it goes. So useful. And the twist to launch camera feature? Brilliant!

    Overall performance is very smooth and has relatively few errors. I can have over a dozen apps open and switching between them is still very quick and seamless.

    Battery life holds up great, although I am coming from a 1st gen Droid Incredible that could barely make it through 8 hours. On the Moto X I can run 4G, Wi-Fi, updates, and do occasional texting and still only be at 70% after 10 hours. Throw in a few GPS navigations, two dozen photos and half an hour of music streaming and I'm at around 40%.

    Camera is the only thing I'm disappointed by. It's not really any better than my Droid Incredible? And that's a 3.5 year old camera. In fact it's almost worse because it seems to run a weird noise reduction filter over everything which makes it harder to post-process later. In low light and indoors the photos get this weird plastic look that makes them look highly compressed even though they're almost 2MB a piece.

    Overall well worth the upgrade and best phone on the market for someone that wants good performance and useful features. Hopefully a second generation will be along soon with more storage space and a much better camera.
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  3. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    Excellent contributions in this thread, as you've all reaffirmed my choice in going with this device. November needs to hurry, so I can start playing with colors, already. :(
  4. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    I echo that!

    I was torn between the Maxx and the X. I saw both at the store last week, and really, the Maxx blew me away. Maybe because it's heavier, and in my head that made it sturdier. But there was something sexy about the X. I have the original Razr Maxx and while the X is a smaller phone, it's a bigger screen! Battery life isn't that big of a deal, as I am always near a charger, and it seems with Active Notifications saving energy, it won't matter. I need more storage, so I really hope November is the right time for a) the price drop; b) Motomaker; c) 32GB; and maybe d) wood backs!
  5. thetingster

    thetingster Android Enthusiast

    Just over a week myself on the Moto X and I have to agree with the above post. The ONLY thing wrong with this phone is the camera. The speed, battery life, are very pleasing. The touchless controls and visual notifications are exceptional! I can see myself changing a lot of how I do things from now on.

    Now, on the size. I was going to go for the Maxx, but you know what. The X's sleek shape and screen size is perfect in my opinion. I was running with a TPU case I got a couple days ago, but now I'm back running naked. This phone is just feels too good in the hand to be covered. I am probably going to get just the screen protector and roll that way. The call and sound quality also exceeded my expectations.

    Now if Moto can fix the camera I would be completely content with this being my last phone ever.
  6. RockyC33

    RockyC33 Newbie

    I've had this phone for 2 weeks (as of tomorrow) and like everyone else, I love it!!! It's so smooth and fast, especially compared to my Bionic. Battery life it great, easily lasts me the day (meaning from 8am to 12am or later). I try not to let it go below 20% and I usually don't have a problem with that. The Moto X feels great in my hand too. My hands are small and with the Pro Shell Case, it still fits well!

    The Active Display is very useful. I like it for the simple fact that it's one less step to unlock my device. Just pick it up, swipe down and you're in. Checking the time and messages is so much easier now too. I won't be able to go back from Active Display.

    Touchless Control is great too. It's handy for checking the weather in the morning as previously mentioned. And it's great while driving. However, I'm waiting for the car dock before I can use it more when I'm driving. I hope it comes out soon. One thing I noticed about the always listening feature it that sometimes it will mistake what I'm saying for "Ok Google Now". For example, all of the sudden it turned on when it was lying on my desk. Not sure what I said that triggered it, so I started to play with my words and saying "Ok Foogle Now" started it up. It's kinda disappointing, maybe it's the way my voice it, but I found it more amusing than anything. :)

    Quick Capture is very useful too. The camera could definitely be better, but it's not terrible. I don't really expect the camera on a phone to be outstanding anyways.

    Overall, I expect to be using this phone for a very long time, more than 2 years.
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  7. rambo47

    rambo47 Well-Known Member

    Me too. I want the 32GB option and I want to customize it via MotoMaker. Hopefully by then Moto will have the camera sorted out. Right now it's very bad.
  8. dad2paisley

    dad2paisley Lurker

    The one thing I would've liked to have seen included was the 3 ring clock.

    There is a free 3 ring clock app.

    My Moto X has not died yet.
  9. mattyj1

    mattyj1 Lurker

    Phone is awesome; battery life, everything.

    Actually, one of the coolest things about the phone is that I can go a week without cleaning it. It DOES NOT retain any oil/grease from your finger...its awesome! I came from a Moto Droid RZR, big improvement since then!
  10. JustinHEMI

    JustinHEMI Android Enthusiast

    I've had my x for about a week, and I love it. It's too bad that it doesn't seem to get as much love as the speced out phones, but I recognize that many android users are spec oriented and this phone will never be as big as the big ones.

  11. MoPhoMan

    MoPhoMan Android Enthusiast

    Loving this phone...two days in...battery life is all they promised. In my office I have horrible reception. My GNEX would get me 6 hours a day. The moto x gave me 19.5 hours on day one and is at 11 hours now and 42% remaining.Struggling to get Motorola Assist to work properly...
  12. jd99

    jd99 Newbie

    Had my Moto X for two days and I might be sending it back.

    There are two deal breaker issues with the phone and if they don't have a fix soon it goes back.

    When i do a manual config for email; the port field in the SMTP config is locked down. I have several godaddy email accounts and the port for SMTP is 80 for them, I change the port to 80 the app does a verify and everything is ok and the config closes. then ya try and send an email and it just sits there, I go back into the config and it's defaulted back to 587.

    I also can't use the credit card readers with this phone. None of them work.

    I need these things for my business if I can't use the phone as a tool for my business then it's no good to me and it goes back.
  13. batwings1

    batwings1 Well-Known Member

    I believe I read somewhere that the credit card reader issue is a known problem on all new Moto phones. This should indicate that Moto is working on a fix but who knows when that might happen. I think there was a link to a Motorola forum discussing this somewhere.
  14. jd99

    jd99 Newbie

    I was on the phone with Motorola even went to third level support they don't have a fix, nor does it sound like they are going to fix the email issues or the credit card reader issues.

    I have a friend that has a moto x that is unlocked and the email config works fine. So they have that field in the database locked on the released version of the phone. If your email doesn't use default ports then your SOL with this phone.

    Or just root it and not have the issue.

    I had a second level tech tell me to call godady and have them change my email to secure email, that aint gonna happen there is no such thing at godaddy.

    The phone is going back today. It's too bad I liked the idea of creating jobs in America.

    On another note Motorola Techs don't like it when an end user is able to diagnose a problem with their equipment better then they are.
  15. jamjr74

    jamjr74 Well-Known Member

    I've been using the x for about 3 days and I like the phone. I also own an s4 and I am trying to decide which to keep. I am not as impressed with the battery as most in this thread but it is decent. It seems most are coming from older devices which is maybe why the x battery blows them away. I have been getting about 13-16 hours out of it but find the s4 battery equal or maybe even a bit better. Phone is smooth as silk and the s4 does experience minor lag from time to time. Camera definitely better on s4 but Verizon has not pushed the camera OTA fix yet. Overall it is a nice phone and I still haven't decided which phone to keep and which to sell.

    TUSCHWI Newbie

    I've had mine about a month now. Love it. Coming off of a failing HTC Rezound, and previous HTC Incredible and Inc2, I'm finding the Moto and almost pure Google experience a fresh surprise.

    Minimal bloatware.

    Ok...battery life blows me away - as advertised or better (that's with WiFi on or available to be used almost all day). Wifi use is probably only 8-10 hours per day total.
    With the Rezound and previous HTC's I could not get through a day at work without a charge or two and was always making sure I had a charger around. Don't use Bluetooth much.

    The active display is probably the most useful feature that I never considered. Now all I need to do is nudge it and the time pops us, along with any email/messenger notifications. I do not have Google Now turned on. Just don't know what I need that.

    Speed - fantastic. I'm not a gamer and don't stream much but I do use the standard sports and news apps, music (stored), and there is no noticeable lag nor is there any lag when opening a webpage from an email link.

    Camera - the camera...is ok (note: I have not received the OTA camera software fix yet). One reason I stuck with HTC devices before was their camera, the best out there IMO hands down. Not a big camera junkie but when I do take pics of my kids or whatever I want them to look good. Moto X's camera is ok. Pics can be tweaked which helps.

    Camera quick-on: this feature is pretty cool. Twist the wrist quick twice and boom, camera. Neat feature.

    So as one person said up above, not getting the love that some of the other higher end pimped out phones are getting but unless the Nexus 5 blows up my skirt (and I'm a guy :)) I'm sticking with Moto X. It works and and works well.

    oh, call quality. Very good, better than previous phones. Seems to have less voice breakup or static too. Again, it works and it works well.

    Any specific questions, drop me a PM.
  17. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Android Enthusiast

    If you really are a Verizon user, it doesn't matter if the Nexus 5 blows up your skirt. You wont be able to get it.

    TUSCHWI Newbie

    You're right...I meant shell out the $$$ to dump Verizon entirely.
  19. JavaS

    JavaS Newbie

    These responses are very useful. This phone has an odd presence online. Many forums aren't saying much in general, positive or negative. I'm also on Verizon. Important Note! I was also on the Galaxy Nexus, which left such a sour taste in my mouth so bad, that I wrote off Android all together.

    During the Verizon "glitch", I ordered the iPhone 5C instead. Wow, I never knew Verizon had such amazing coverage. This thing works everywhere, unlike my Nexus which seems to be getting a worse signal by the day. On the downside, I miss the Android OS. I've still got a week left for my exchange, so am trying to make up my mind. I played with a Moto X in the store yesterday and liked it. It was a little laggy and had some redraw, but that could be because it was the display unit. I also tried the HTC One, Maxx, LG, and S4. All were to big and just felt bloated and gimmicky in my opinion. I like my stock experience. Looking back, even the Galaxy Nexus was to big for me. The Moto X just feels nice in the hand. While I really appreciate the ROM/Rooting community, I just don't have time for it these days. I need my phone to "work".

    At this point, the reception doesn't sound like it will be a problem and sounds on par with the iPhone 5C, maybe better.

    The speaker on the one I played with yesterday was great, even louder than the 5C although seemed a little distorted. Could have been the display unit.

    How is overheating? My GNex overheated all the time, sometimes for no reason. It just felt warm, regardless of how many factory resets I did. If in use, it almost got to hot to touch.

    Maybe a developer can answer this next question. Something I've come to love about iOS is that when I clear an app and turn off notifications, I have the perception that the app no longer runs in the background. On Android, you can pull up your running list of apps, swipe them away, yet still see all sorts of junk (games, etc) on your actual running apps page. To then go through and force close things just seems counter-intuitive. Especially when some of those things fire right back up without permission. I'm looking at you Facebook. When I installed Greenify on the GNex, my battery life jumped a sizeable amount, telling me that apps were possibly coming back on even though I turned off notifications. Am I making a bigger deal of this than it is? The 5C has great battery, which in my naive way I attribute to the idea that stuff stays off when you're not using it. Somebody educate me, because it is kind of keeping me from coming back.
  20. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Don't force close things on Android.

    Most of what you see is either sleeping or parked off in cache on Android. Neither draws power.

    When you force close something that was opened with an intent - something iOS lacks - you'll get the app re-opened and live, until Android can put it to sleep again, cache it, or it's force killed again restarting the whole wasteful cycle.

    Instead of Greenify, disable apps you don't want.

    Hope this helps. :)
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  21. JavaS

    JavaS Newbie

    So you're suggesting that Greenify really doesn't make that much of a difference? I guess on a different note, I can also disable background data too.
  22. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

    And uninstall apps that are killing your battery using Better Battery Stats and NetworkLog.
  23. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Greenify can make a large difference.

    Often a better solution is to attack the problem at its root though.
  24. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    The Galaxy Nexus on VZW had notoriously poor radios, and it was one of the bigger downsides to the device, impacting both battery life and creating heat. In my experiences, Motorola makes devices with better radios, and the Moto X is no exception.

    You certainly should. :p

    I've honestly never seen lag from my Moto X, and looking at the memory usage, I always have a ton in reserve. I previously ran enough applications to really tax and force the GNex to end processes, but that just doesn't happen on the Moto X, combined with the fact that the GPU is that much better.

    In a number of cases, it actually shuts down one of it's cores. To your point about rooting, I actually don't see an insistent need to do so on this device. I only did so to run an ad-blocker (which if I rethink it, I may not have had to), and because I may try a few things, later, and don't want to have to wipe data. Otherwise, it's stock and doing what it needs to.

    It's normal for a number of devices to get warm, but an actual overheating situation is damaging. That said, I don't notice the Moto X getting warm too often. I could probably get it to do so running navigation and some other tasks, but in casual usage, it's fine.

    The way iOS handles applications in the background is more involved. Apple does a nice job of controlling how long an app stays active, so that it doesn't drain battery. However, that may not be your issue.

    Personally, I wouldn't spend time manually killing apps. If they need to be run as part of their normal function, they will restart. If they're simply sitting in memory, they're just on deck ready to go, but not necessarily running CPU cycles. Swiping them from the recents list will tell Android to remove them from memory, provided it's not a service, but otherwise, it's automatic.

    In my experiences, FB has always been more active, though I last used it a long time ago, so I don't recall what it is doing, exactly. For all we know, it could just be constantly trying to communicate with FB servers. Moving away from that for a second, I do run Google Now on my Moto X, and with its growing list of features, it's arguably one of the biggest potential drains on battery out there (I simply couldn't run it on my GNex). On the Moto X, it runs flawlessly and I can easily manage 24 hours with regular usage, plus all other bells and whistles. Now that's not to say you'll be able to do this with FB running, as you'll need someone else for input on that, but it does prove that a polished app and the Moto X can behave just fine, without sacrificing battery life or the user experience.

    For full disclosure, I do run mine in battery saver mode, and thus far, there are no ill effects on performance, so why not? Needless to say, the name of the game here is optimization.
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  25. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    No Greenify, no task killing, no power saving, no Facebook and no babysitting of any kind - modified HTC Sense, so already not not the world's most efficient.
    10% smaller battery than the Moto X and last year's S4, not the better processor here.

    And no lag.

    Excellent 3G reception, wifi on all the time - 8 hours of screen on.

    That's what Android could do last year with ICS.

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