Root [Verizon] Verizon SCH-I605 Note 2 Wont come on

Hello everyone
My note 2 Verizon SCH-I605 wont come on not matter what button combinations i try?have tried 4 new batteries?And three new chargers? Also wont connect with PC? It just shut off and wont come back on? eBay has a bad ESN motherboard for $45.00 dollars that works can I use it by using my fried motherboard IMEI? Is their a way to change the fried motherboards IMEI to the the Bad ESN motherboard it would save me about $80.00 dollars or more and on Disability every penny counts? Or do I just put the Sim card from the fried motherboard into the bad ESN motherboard and the Sim will work, That's what a Guy told me since the Sim is already activated on the fried motherboard? Have Verizon Allset Plan (prepaid $45.00 unlimited text and voice and 3GB of Data for $20.00 with a 90 days).
HERE is the motherboard:
can't post links yet sorry!!!!!! but its on eBay
SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 i605 16GB Logic Mother Board Motherboard Bad ESN

This Note has been working properly till yesterday a message came up to turn a motion feature on and i clicked OK , looked back at screen phone was off thought the screen had paused due to inactivity but once power button was pushed nothing happened ? Phone would not come on thought it just had a full charge (100%) at 3:00 pm and it was just 4:15pm EST the battery couldn't be dead, so removed battery and pushed power button still device wouldn't come on so put on charger for an hour or 30 min can't remember which and still wouldn't come on.checked batteries on my other note no problems it comes right on? when i plug the bad Note in the charging LCD does not light up neither does the battery icon come on and its not getting hot?plug into computer and nothing? can't understand what could be wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .