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Verizon's RUU for the Official 2.1 for Droid Eris

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thenestor, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. thenestor

    thenestor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Conflipper on XDA posted a link to what appears to be Verizon's RUU (ROM upgrade utility) for the official 2.1:

    xda-developers - View Single Post - RUU_Desire_C_Verizon_WWE_2.36.605.1_release_signed _with_driver.exe

    So if you're currently on a leak and desperately want to have the "official" software, maybe this is what you've been waiting for.

    Disclaimer: DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU EVER WANT ROOT! Only people on a "leak" should bother with this. EDIT: You can use the "new" root method after this.

    As expected, the ROM within the RUU is completely identical to "leak v3." However, it's much easier for non-technical folks to flash using the RUU than using the zip-on-card method. If you're on leak v1 or leak v2, this is the easiest way to upgrade to v3, which is the same as the OTA.

  2. the_rhino

    the_rhino Newbie

    I hate to ask this, but, if we are go through with this, do you think that there would be any chance to then downgrade to 1.5 then root?
  3. DroidJW

    DroidJW Guest

    Thanks thenestor !

    maybe VZW will get around to posting on the PCD site, one day.
  4. surgeon0214

    surgeon0214 Android Enthusiast

    Nope because we will still have the same bootloader and until a root for 1.49 comes out we are out of luck. If you want a chance of root, don't do it
  5. nathanirwin311

    nathanirwin311 Well-Known Member

    How do you install this, and does it wipe your phone like the leaks did?
  6. DroidJW

    DroidJW Guest

    RUU (ROM update utility) does wipe your phone.

    It's installed using your PC (this is an .exe file). Connect your Eris to your PC, double-click the downloaded file, the software will walk you through the process.
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  7. danbartoszek

    danbartoszek Newbie

    Is there any difference between the v3 leak and this file?
  8. T2noob

    T2noob Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone tried this on any of the leaks to see if it even works?
    Because I remember past RUU checking what software you were on and if it didn't like it it wouldn't continue.
  9. BaBaBooey

    BaBaBooey Newbie

    I just downloaded and installed it to give it a try. (Leak v3)
    Everything when just as stated, no problems.
    I'm now reinstalling all of my apps and LauncherPro Beta. (I love it!)

    Now to see if the HBOOT changed at all.........ROOT?
  10. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Android Expert

    Just want to highlight that again...
  11. T2noob

    T2noob Android Enthusiast

    That's awesome you leaks can now be on the ota,i doubt that out changed the hboot. So you probably still can't root.
  12. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Android Expert

    Did you read the part, in bold, that starts with "As expected..." ??
  13. sierrarot328i

    sierrarot328i Newbie

    works on leak 3.

    i haven't had the silent phone issue for a few days and if i have it again i'll go return phone asap since now i have the "official" software.
  14. BY724

    BY724 Well-Known Member

    I'm on leak 3 and was planning on doing a factory reset this weekend anyway.

    While they may be identical, should I just download this instead of the factory reset? Or does it really not matter in the slightest.
  15. Wraithbane

    Wraithbane Member

    Just did this with leaked v2 phone, worked phone, compared side by side with my wife's "pure" Eris and all the data matched exactly in the software info
  16. SyDTRaKKeD

    SyDTRaKKeD Android Enthusiast

    so... does this flash the "official" OTA? or is it the exact same thing as v3?

    I'm just trying to decide if it is even worth it to go from v3 to whatever this RUU is...

    Maybe when/if they find a way to root BL 1.49 I'll give this a try...
  17. DroidJW

    DroidJW Guest

    was on v3 (no problems, had silent bug once, a few weeks ago, otherwise perfect), but flashed this anyway, to go "official"

    all's well
  18. surgeon0214

    surgeon0214 Android Enthusiast

    better or worse than v3?
  19. surgeon0214

    surgeon0214 Android Enthusiast

    Ok I'm on leak v3 and all that I want in life is to be able to root.. lol
    Is this for me or no? I couldn't tell from the first post..
  20. DroidJW

    DroidJW Guest

    honestly, its the same (and thenestor's checksum file verification on this ROM and v3 ROM, show identical)

    I suppose there's some perceived "pep", but that's likely a result of the "fresh" flash

    I'm the kind of guy that runs Windows Update, monthly, on Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" (at 2pm Eastern) to grab new critical updates. That I felt compelled to flash an essentially identical ROM on my Eris, does not surprise me.
  21. SyDTRaKKeD

    SyDTRaKKeD Android Enthusiast

    what i take from this is that this will put you on the Official 2.1 OTA

    so for those of you on leak who would like to say you have the "Official" 2.1 OTA... this is for you... (although i see no point for v3 leakers to go through this as it appears this is identical to v3)

    This will not help leakers achieve root because leakers have BootLoader 1.49 and there is no root for that BootLoader.

    This RUU does not change your BootLoader.
  22. DroidJW

    DroidJW Guest

    I understand, I want root too.

    If you have lots of customizations to settings or your home screens, or lots of market apps downloaded I would NOT do this. Since it wipes your phone, unless you can quickly redo your preferred settings or have a trusted backup app, you might be frustrated by the reset -- while receiving no discernible payoff, as its the same as v3.
  23. ttran97

    ttran97 Android Enthusiast

    This thread finally convinced me to go to Verizon and complain about the "silent bug". The guy was super nice and swapped my phone out for a new one. It still had plastic around the chrome edges! Fired up the phone and I've never been so happy to see 1.5 Android. I'm off to root this sucker now...whoohoo!
  24. josh44

    josh44 Newbie

    Can someone please tell me or post a pic of what your software info page should look like after installing this coming from 2.1v3. Please.
  25. DroidJW

    DroidJW Guest

    ETA: reshot photo...this seems a bit clearer

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