Vernacular apps for testing & feedback


My team and organization has developed a new set of vernacular apps which we were hoping to test with some of the regular non english speaking android community users.

This app is going to be launched next week in 5 major languages including Chineses, Spanish, German,Hindi and Japanese.

What this app does is that it shows everything from news, entertainment, finance etc (like a typical msn or rediff site) in these local languages, with the top hits being from the local the user accesses the apps itself. Incase the top sites are in English or anyother language then the app invoked the translator and converts the complete site into the native language for the user. First of all do you think an app like this already exists on android? If so which would be the closest one to this idea?

My organization is releasing this in parallel on other plaftorms like OVI store, apple etc etc. We are ready to pay folks who are conversant with these languages and can spend some effort in quality testing of the app.

Please let me know your feedback on the idea for this app and your interest to join the testing team..

Android Guru!