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Is there a basic guide to the main differences between versions of the Android OS?

I am using a 1.6 Magic, am buying a 1.5 T-Mobile Pulse for my son and looking at a 1.6 Hero for myself early next year. I wanted to see what the differences were between 1.5 -> 1.6 -> 2.0.

Also - I assume that I have to wait for network operators to provide updated operating systems? Can the Pulse be upgraded at all? Is the Hero getting/got version 2.0?



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I have a similar concern. Android seems to be a bit like Java - still evolving - unlike C++ which is pretty static now. So for a "casual+" user the differences I've seen so far here seem to deal with which apps are supported on a particular version.

In my case, I don't plan on root-ing or any of that administrator sort of stuff. I do enough of that kind of thing at work to want to do it with my phone too. However, I can't stand an OS where I'm locked out of the file system - I have to be able to put things where I want them. The s/w must be able to access data my way.

So from that aspect, are there major differences between Android OS versions? And what's the difference between the Motorola Blur version and vanilla Android?

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