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Support Very confusing problem with 3.5mm jack.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shadmere, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. shadmere

    shadmere Lurker
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    Jun 10, 2010
    So I loaded a lot of music onto my Evo because I wanted to use it as an MP3 player to and from work. I have an aux-in on my car radio, and a 3.5mm cable that works fine with my girlfriend's iPod and with my old Walkman.

    The problem comes from when I try to use the Evo and the aux-in together. If I only plug it into the Evo about half-way, I get normal-sounding, but mono sound. It's also pretty shaky. That's not the problem--of course plugging it in half-way won't work well.

    If I push it in the entire way, the sound gets MUCH WORSE. Sound comes from my car speakers, and I can tell that it's related to the music, but it's ... weird sounding. It's very faint, but it's also garbled. It also only comes out of the back speakers, and ignores the front speakers entirely. Makes my head hurt to listen to for more than a few seconds.

    That's annoying, yes. But this is the weird part. if I plug the Evo into my car charger/USB adapter, it sounds *perfect.*

    I can plug it in to the aux-in and hit play, and it will sound garbled and faint and weird. But as soon as I plug in the USB cord from the charger, it sounds fine. The music becomes clear, the garbledness goes away, and sound begins coming from my front speakers.

    As confused by that phenomenon as I am, I would shrug and continue on. After all, charging the Evo is always a good thing. But the cigarette lighter in my car kind of . . . well, sucks. It's vaguely loose, I guess? When I plug in the USB adapter, I have to move it around before the "active" light on the charger lights up. When the charger moves around in the cigarette lighter, static blurts all over the music, kind of ruining the point. Especially bad if I'm messing with the phone. Also, the charger running right next to the aux-in cable seems to generate some interference in the form of a very high pitched whine. Kind of annoying.

    Even that's not the most confusing part, though. Apparently it doesn't even have to be CHARGING for the music to sound better. It just has to be plugged into the charger, and the charger has to be touching the metal inside the cigarette lighter. It doesn't have to be inserted, even. I can hold the charger right next to the ciggarette lighter while the phone is playing garbled, faint music. Then if I just barely touch the metal on the charger to the metal of the lighter, the music sounds great! The charger isn't plugged in, the red light on the charger isn't lit, and the phone isn't charging.

    So for now, it seems to work great if I can find a weird, half-in but not actually charging, position for the car charger. Of course, that position involves the car charger hanging halfway out of the lighter, which isn't very stable, so bumps in the road make it fall out, and the music returns to faint garbledness.

    I'm honestly absolutely lost about what could be going on, here.


  2. Kam

    Kam Newbie

    Jun 10, 2010
    Retired Software Developer
    Edit: Posted link to relevant thread
  3. cmrnblaylock

    cmrnblaylock Lurker

    Jul 9, 2010
    headset blocker from the market, works. i had the same problem

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