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Very high cell standby battery usage

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aktifit, May 24, 2011.

  1. aktifit

    aktifit Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone!
    so i got myself samsung galaxy ace 4 days ago and it seems to be a really cool device except for a few things like buggy wifi sleep etc., and on those 4 days i got it to run out of battery after a bit more than 15 hours.
    obviously i was fooling around with it quite a lot on my first three days, so i knew how much battery life i'd get out of it under heavy usage (it's still my cell phone, not my entertainment system, but i watched youtube videos for 1h, i did at least another hour of browsing and lot's of other stuff). so today i wanted to try out the opposite: i never left wifi on for more than 5 minutes, changed network to 2g and only used it to read news in the morning for 10-15 minutes + writing some texts.
    now it's been unplugged for 11h and it shows 50% battery. so with same usage i'd get to 22h according to my maths skills, which seems wrong when i compare it to my last phone, the htc wildfire. when i tried to be very economical, i got that thing to run for 3-4 days, with browsing on the internet, a few short calls, but i got lazy and just left everything on and it still managed to do 1 day easily, most of the time it did 2 days.

    so i wonder if something's wrong with my phone and if so what is it?
    my battery usage stats are:
    cell standby 69% <--- that's incredibly high, and i've had good mobile coverage today
    phone idle 22%
    wi-fi 5%
    display 5%
    the last three seem to be more or less the same as on my wildfire
    just to make things clear: i know cell standby is higher when i use my phone less for playing around, but seriously that high even with 2g? i mean my old nokia phone ran 2 weeks and that was also able to make calls i think, so it is either right to say that smartphones are not very smart at being a phone or mine is somehow broken

    anybody else seeing such high cell standby statistics or is it just me?
    it's just weird that i could double my battery life easily on my wildfire but on the ace it's just such an effort for nothing. i know it's a long post but when it comes to battery life it needs to be detailed and i'd just love to know that i can do whatever i do with my phone during the day not having to worry that it wouldn't last for at least 24h

    also one more question and perhaps a bit off topic: i got apps to get force closed already a couple of times and i never had that problem on the wildfire

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  2. pwn3d

    pwn3d Lurker

    First android phone?? You need to get used to this kind of battery life. I have two android phones and it will be a miracle if the battery can last for three days.
  3. aktifit

    aktifit Member
    Thread Starter

    the wildfire is an android phone too, my point is if i use it as a normal phone (without the wifi and staring at the display all the time or whatever, so just calling, texting, watch and alarm clock), why can't i improve the battery life significantly?? i seriously didn't care about battery life the first two days and used it heavily, and with lots and lots of care i got out 30% more juice which doesn't make sense to me at all
  4. ADARSH5678

    ADARSH5678 Newbie

    Dont know much about HTC, but the battery of Ace is this much only. Cant do anything about it.

    Try the following...

    Switch off Internet (Wireless > networks > uncheck packet data) when not in use. Turn on the same way when you need internet. It takes less than 3 seconds to do this. (or you can turn off background data, but some apps like yahoo mail give very annoying notifications when you do this)

    If you dont use 3G, select use only 2G.

    Switch off wifi, bluetooth etc. Switch off Autorotation etc when not in use.

    Keep the Program monitor widget on home screen and Use that to end applicaions. Apps like music and radio will keep running in background most of the time without your knowledge.

    Uninstall all apps which you dont use...
  5. aktifit

    aktifit Member
    Thread Starter

    that's mostly what i do, i never use bluetooth and i switched off 3g, so it seems like htc did a really good job there, such a shame they failed everywhere else.

    i just liked about the wildfire that i knew, if i was abroad or sth, i could make the battery last at least 4 days if i only used it as notsuchasmarthphone or whatever oldschool phones are called nowadays ;) but thanks anyway. so i have to hope for gingerbread and/or maybe buy a bigger battery because i really like everything else about the ace.
  6. gungy

    gungy Newbie

    is it just me, or am i not getting the problem? because i dont see an issue with that at all.

    to simplify this lets pretend the phone only has a battery that lasts 100 minutes, and if you make a call thats 3 minutes long, and send 20 texts that takes 4 minutes. wouldnt it stand to reason when your phone advised you it needed charging it would say

    3% calls
    4% text
    93% standby

    im not saying your battery isnt draining fast, but it saying standby is only relative to how much battery has been used by standby. if you used it for other things more that would be lower.
  7. galaxyacex

    galaxyacex Newbie

    definately get the 1500mah battery it runs great on froyo trust me. when the offiicial gingerpittabread come out we see how the ace copes!!

    its doing well with the custom gingerminge i rooted the other day! :eek::D:eek:

    i was well angry when i found out contract killer cant run on ace
    and what the hell happened to stupid zombies?? FUBAR!!! :mad:

    going off on 1 tonight!!....appologies :)
  8. aktifit

    aktifit Member
    Thread Starter

    so how much do you get out of your 1500mah battery on average? :)
  9. galaxyacex

    galaxyacex Newbie

    froyo light use = texting all day, calls, some wifi not much games, over 2 days.

    froyo heavy use = lots of games and everything else 1 whole day easily.

    custom 2.3.3 gingerbread battery consumption is not quite as great as stock froyo but still very good. ;)
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  10. gregs_to

    gregs_to Lurker

    This happens to my Galaxy from time to time.

    The first time it happened, the phone was going through a full charge in 12 hours with very little use. After about 3 days of this (and removing some recently installed apps) I noticed the very high 'cell standby' on the battery usage, I turned it off, and it was fine when restarted. But it keeps recurring, maybe every 2 or 3 weeks, and it's a HUGE pain because I almost always charge overnight, and it always is OK all day, even with fairly heavy use - except I have to keep an eye out for this stupid condition or I can be randomly left with no battery life when I leave work. If I leave home with 'only' 80%, I might be dead at 1 PM if I don't watch out. So if remember to check, and the battery is suspiciously low, I check the power use, and if 'cell standby' is high I restart. Today it was fine (85%) when I left work at 4:30 PM; 7 hours later it's beeping low battery and the cell standby is high.

    This is an I-9000 running 2.1-update1. 1500mAh battery. I tried to update to 2.2 a few months ago but Samsung's bloated Kies software won't connect to it via USB, after 1.5 hours of screwing around, updating drivers, all that mess, no luck. Why is such a nice phone constrained by such a broken update mechanism? It seems I have no option other than to buy random Windows computers until I get one that works with this mess? I have never needed Kies for any other purpose except for the upgrade, which it fails to do.

    Anyhow, I wish I had a fix for this battery drain issue. I now keep a charger at work to be ready.

    It makes me wonder if that extra wattage is going into RF energy? Is this a health concern?

    Another bit of info. I take the subway to work, so I'm mostly out of cell coverage for about an hour, twice a day. I don't know if that makes a difference.

    Other than this, great phone. Would be even nicer running 2.2. Grrrrrrr.......
  11. aktifit

    aktifit Member
    Thread Starter

    well i think gingerbread kinda fixed that issue for the ace, so next time you feel a bit funny and want to invest 2h for updating, i recommend reading about flashing with odin and custom roms like cyanogenmod, might be worth a try (although you can brick your phone and stuff... no risk no fun i say :p). if you have a rooted phone, also give battery calibration a try, there's an app for that in the market. the problem is if you can't get the drivers to work, odin won't work either, maybe use a linux distro and heimdall or whatever it's called...

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