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Very hot charger when used in foreign parts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JBentleyR, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. JBentleyR

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    Just returned from a short holiday in Germany where, of course, I had occasion to re-charge my phone.

    However, I noticed on each occasion that the charger became really hot; far hotter than it does at home. Upon return, and re-charging again, its temperature was much lower and at the level it has always been in the past. Obviously, the cause is a difference in supply type between Germany and the UK.

    I am aware that the average mains voltage in the UK is 240V and in Germany (and most of Europe) around 220V and I assume, therefore, that in Germany the unit might draw either more or less current as a result. As it happens, I have found no problem with the charger or the phone and believe that the manufacturers must be aware of the differences in voltage and have accounted for it.

    Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon when using their charger in a different country?

    Incidentally our masters in the EU, in their wisdom, have decided that all countries within their empire should declare their mains voltage to be 230V (for the sake of nominal 'harmony') but, as I understand it, have been kind enough to permit us a modicum of independence allowing us to produce electricity at 10% over or 6% under this figure!

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