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VERY new to Android

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by caligirl4life, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. caligirl4life

    caligirl4life Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am about to be an ex iPhone user and become an android user but before I purchase the phone I have a few questions. I am looking to get the S2Skyrocket.

    1. Should i have AT&T transfer my contacts over to my new Skyrocket phone from my iPhone4? I've heard not to have them do it but I need to get advice from previous iPhone users that did make the switch.

    2. I own a Macbook so how will I sync up my contacts, calendar, music, and photos? I've heard different ways but I want the easiest way.
    - Contacts - I've heard to download the bump app on new phone and bump my 4G and skyrocket and my contacts will transfer. I've also heard to set my sync on my macbook to sync with google. Advice?
    - Calendar - same thing sync with macbook via google. Will I still be able to use my iCal on my macbook and it will all sync to the android calendar over the air? Will I lose all my current calendar events that I have on iCal or can I transfer them all over to the android calendar somehow?
    - Music - I've heard different ways .... I am going to try the google music which will automatically sync from my itunes with any new songs that I add to itunes will sync to google music.
    - Photos - haven't heard much on this on ...

    Any advice, tips, or tricks will help me out tremendously since I have been an iPhone user for 3 years and am making the switch cause I am curious about the android and I am kinda bored of the iPhone and I know Android is VERY different than iPhone.


  2. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Android Expert

    The easiest way is to set up a Google account (you already have one if you have Gmail). If you already have one, just use it to set up your Google Music as well as Google+ accounts. You will need to make sure your iPhone calendar is synced with your iCal on your Macbook and your contacts synced there as well. Then you should be able to export them using the two programs to a file that is uploadable/importable to Google/Gmail. Once you do that you can go in and make sure there are no errors online and no duplicate contacts and such. Then when you sign in to your Google account on your phone, all of that will automatically sync.

    Now for music and photos...make sure they are all on your Macbook somewhere and then you can either directly transfer them to your phone or upload them all to Google Music (for music) and Google+ (for photos). You will probably have some issues if your music was purchased with iTunes. There's ways to fix it, but I can't recall them right now.

    Hope that helps and welcome to Android!
  3. mojosodope

    mojosodope Android Enthusiast

    Do not switch I came from iPhone4 and Mac everything and I'm going back....if you are used to apple this phone is fun at first but you come to the realization that it becomes a hassle for everything
  4. TgeekB

    TgeekB Well-Known Member

    That is your opinion, and I don't doubt you, but many of us feel differently. Don't steer people away without educating them first so they can decide what is best for THEM.
  5. mojosodope

    mojosodope Android Enthusiast

    I'm speaking from exactly what I was having issues with and wanted most importantly out of android and what he listed is what I wanted...problem is that it can't compare
  6. TgeekB

    TgeekB Well-Known Member

    That's great and I hope you enjoy your iphone. The OP said they were bored with the iphone and looking for something new. Everyones experience will be different. Many people are having a positive experience with the Skyrocket.
  7. mojosodope

    mojosodope Android Enthusiast

    right....but many people who have spent years on the iPhone find things such as texting, music, pictures a pain on the android
  8. TgeekB

    TgeekB Well-Known Member

    Very true, because they are very different. Some people adjust to those differences and some do not. Iphone is very fixed and does a lot of things well. Android is very open and customizable and can also do a lot of things well. I have used iphone, android, and blackberry and like things about each.
  9. FJR1300

    FJR1300 Well-Known Member

    AT&T has an app that will be pre-installed on the Skyrocket called AT&T Ready To Go, just install that on your iPhone and follow the directions, you can upload up to 2GB of contacts, photos, music, etc. When you finish the upload, open the app on the SR and download. Might want to do the upload in advance (stays on the server for 7 days), it took all day to upload from my iPhone (over wifi) and 10 minutes to download to the SR.

    Winamp worked very well for transferring music, although I'm using a pc so your experience might differ, I'd check it out though, it was very quick.

    @mojo: It's not very cool to hang around on the android forum and post how bad your experience was in multiple threads where someone came from an iPhone and needs specific answers. You posted your own thread and ranted about it, and that's cool but you're a satisfied iPhone user, why keep posting here just to bash the SR? Might not seem like it to you, but most would consider that trolling. Peace out dude.
  10. Iamdunne

    Iamdunne Member

    Hey fellow female here and although I have had some texting issues with the skyrocket that seems to be unique to me, I really enjoy android. I am typing this from an iPad though and love that also. When the iphone 4s came out I decided to make the switch from my atrix to iPhone and got it day one. Aside from the better photos, I grew bored after a couple days. Missed my widgets (in particular Jorte calendar) and bigger screen and ultimately switched back to android. Lately have been very intrigued with the Nokia lumia 900 and windows phone but I think I would feel the same way and be sorry I left. For now I am using launcher 7 which gives me a windows like experience on my android phone.
  11. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Android Expert

    I owned the first iPhone, the iPhone 3G and was about to upgrade to the 3G S but switched to Verizon and got a Droid. I have never regretted it. I also had a Macbook Pro and was solid Apple everywhere. I would NEVER go back to an Apple phone or tablet again. I am now on my 2nd Android, my wife on her 2nd, and we also have a tablet. My dad has also since switched from his iPhone to Android and wonders why he waited the 2 years of me having Android before him. He would never go back to Apple either.
  12. mojosodope

    mojosodope Android Enthusiast

    I love when people say oh i had an apple iPhone 3g or 3gs.....completely different than the iPhone 4
  13. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Android Expert

    Uh, no, it's really not. You Apple fanboys think it is, but it's really not. I used an iPhone 4 pretty extensively. Just different packaging for the same stuff inside. Subpar hardware running great software with minimal features and customization. Easy to make an OS that isn't buggy when you don't have features competitors have and you only make one size device and control every aspect of the hardware.
  14. mojosodope

    mojosodope Android Enthusiast

    fan boys.....Android has the worst fan boys ever....tell me why I see more people having issues with lag and freezing phones on androids than iPhones....tell me why some updates come for some phones but never for others....
  15. caligirl4life

    caligirl4life Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Guess you haven't checked out the Apple forums ... every phone will have its problems .... we don't live in a perfect world ...
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  16. LKlimper

    LKlimper Lurker

    Brand new here/first post. On the iPhone vs. Android issue(s)...I've had both.
    Until the advent of iOS 5.1, Siri, and iCloud, the iPhone never changed from one generation to the next, or from one update to the next. Unless you were jailbroken, everything stayed the same, and yes, it DID get boring. Granted, the iPhone 4 brought us retina display, but it was still the same beast in a different package. iOS 5 did bring some unique tweaks, but at the expense of what had always been superb battery life. It's still great, but not as great as it was. The one defining difference between the two OS's is that when you close an app/program on an iPhone, it's closed, period.

    With Android, you close out an app, and it might be still running somewhere in the background, using up that precious battery. That's what confounds me about Android...you close an app and it's gone to the naked eye, but it's still in there somewhere chugging away, eating up data and sucking the life out of the battery, unless you go in there and manually kill it.

    Don't get me wrong here folks, I'm an Android fan wannabe. I have the Skyrocket, and I'm lovin it. I love the tweaks you can do with these phones without voiding the warranty by jailbreaking, er...rooting them. I'm getting the hang of Android slowly but surely. I'm thinking that ICS will address some of the battery issues, at least it's supposed to, if it ever gets here.

    I think that a good percentage of Android users were once iPhone users. Some of them chose to stay with Android, and some of them couldn't get back to iOS fast enough.

    I think Android users for the most part are just folks wanting to try something different. Some like it, some don't. As for myself, I'm a fence sitter. I like them both in some ways, and dislike them both in some ways.

    I think the hard core iAnything people are a cultish bunch. It doesn't matter what comes out of Cupertino...it could be as big as a battleship, but if it's got that little itty bitty chrome logo on the back of it, they gotta own it!
  17. mojosodope

    mojosodope Android Enthusiast

    The only logical person here is LKlimper other than that people won't change....my issue stems from how you have to download so many things just to make a phone last all day...and all I was trying to do is let someone know who from experience knows what its like to go from Mac everything to android....its hard and if you love certain things on the iPhone it is almost impossible to get them on the android
  18. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me

    Since this thread is not really about caligirl4life's questions anymore, I'm locking it before it gets even worse.

    Disagree? Send a private message my way. ;)
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