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Very new to this thing and need some info to understand

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Screener, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Screener

    Screener Lurker
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    Hello everyone

    I got myself an android phone two weeks ago
    And as I was saying I'm very new at this . . . I have been reading for some time and I need some pro help

    I got the motorola milestone with the 2.1 update and arabic keys

    So I just wanted to know some things:

    1- is an update of 2.2 coming to this phone?

    2- what do I get when I root my phone? (after all the reading I did I did not get it)

    3- what is the best way to root it? (without loosing Arabic)

    4- if I flash a rom on my phone do I lose the original rom that comes with it ? (don't want to lose the Arabic support)

    5- can I make a copy of my phone os so I can come back to it when I need to ?

    6- if the update is not coming . . . What is the best 2.2 rom that I can use ?

    7- should I make my CPU run faster ?? If yes what is the best speed I should go for?

    I know it's a lot to ask but I really don't know how every thing works in android

    Thanks for the help

  2. Soon hopefully.

    You gain "administrator" access, allowing you to run programs you cant run without rooting, and allowing you to flash custom roms to change the look and feel of the device.

    There isnt a "best" way. You need to read all about the different methods, and decide which one you want, and are able to, do.

    yes, but you can use a rom manager to switch between roms.

    When you first root you can make a backup, or download a backup app.

    Overclocking can be very dangerous. I dont do it, but others do and have no problems.
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  3. Screener

    Screener Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sitlet thank you very much for your help

    I was just wishing that you would point me towards some ways to root and some rom's that I can use knowing that most of the rom's that I found are for sprint and I'm on etisalat UAE
  4. There are forums on here for each android phone. If you go to the one with your phone, i'm sure you will find what you need. You can also check out xda-developers. They have forums on there, and they are the ones who actually make the roots and roms.

    You need to find these things on your own. I have given you all the basic information, and where to find it. I'm not going to treat you like a child and explain every single detail on how to do it, that's up to you to figure out. there are plenty of guides out there for this purpose.
  5. Screener

    Screener Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks again for you reply
    I did not want someone to spoon feed me I have used lots os's on phones and pc's I'm new to android and bada.
    I just wanted to know what are the thoughts on which one is beter . . . That's all
    Anyway thank you very very much for your help it really made a difference . . . Now I understand how android works a bit more
    I'll be looking into xda developers for the info

  6. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    There's a milestone with arabic keys? I didn't know they had localized keyboards!
  7. Screener

    Screener Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yeah they have it with Arabic that's why I wanted to backup my original rom

    Any way here are the info about the phone


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