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Apr 23, 2011
Tacoma, WA
I'm very pleased with the zoom feature of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra!
I was already happy with the landscape photos I took 3 weeks ago of sunrise


But really haven't tried the zoom feature until today. Since it was a nice sunbreak, (5pm) I got all set up to take pics of birds, squirrels and the minute I sat down, it clouded
️ over.

I said what the heck, I'll see how this works with the zoom with deep shadows with the clouds, no sun. All shots were sitting down at the table. Look for the red dot (feeder) on the tree from where I was sitting... that is how far I zoomed (digital zoom) 20-25 yards to the feeder.

The sun was just disappearing here and cloudy with the woodpecker pics where the red dot is on tree.

Zoomed into the female and male Northern Flicker woodpeckers. First the female was there, then the male kicked her out. But as soon as he saw me, flew off, so only shot I got.


All shots were resized for web/email size for posting. I did take some with the B700 Nikon superzoom of the female woodpecker, so I'll compare the shots tomorrow and post them.
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WOW!!!!!! i wish my z fold 4's camera was that good.

whatever you do, do not take a photo of the moon....lol please read my thread:
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The ads are a work in progress, and means to support the expense of the forums. I found them so intrusive that I resorted to using an ad blocker. Hopefully, when the dust settles from our recent forum upgrade, they will be toned down to an acceptable level. Your pictures are outstanding.
I hope you continue to post them.
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