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very slow 3g speeds 129KBs up 80down

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by grimms10, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. grimms10

    grimms10 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Im new too sprint today, my 3g symbol is on but my speeds are super slow. coming from verizon where speeds are 10 times faster. does the symbol mean i am in 3g area like it does on other phones or do they not have a 1x symbol. Also keep getting error code 1012 when i update device config. same with the update prl. I cant pay for 4g when i cant even get 2G

  2. robg2008

    robg2008 Member

    where are you located?
    i live in maryland and from my couch i get
    1211 down 1012 up for 3g
    and 3376 down and 1144 for 4g..
  3. robtmathias

    robtmathias Lurker

    3G symbol should mean 3G zone. It seems to depend which tower you are feeding off of, and the available bandwidth on that tower's backbone.
  4. grimms10

    grimms10 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I live in northeast Ohio. i just tested again and same results. the only thing that is confusing me is the 3g symbol. if it said 1x at least i would know its the signal. also that i cant upgrade prl or device config.
  5. evotitans

    evotitans Android Enthusiast

    I don't know about 3G, but I am at the Phillies game right now and damn 4G is booming in this place. Full bar of 4G.
  6. awayne

    awayne Member

    Well I am in NE Ohio but didn't get the EVO yet but when I played with it this morning I thought it was ALOT quicker then my BB Tour is. Google maps was quick... loaded right up. Brought up search results within a sec.

    I didn't do any speed tests... I will have to try that tomorrow
  7. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    106kbps here in Houston. No 4G at all in the middle of a "Best" signal area on their map. Not happy right now...
  8. dhinez

    dhinez Well-Known Member

    If you can't configure your profile or upgrade your PRL, you need to call Sprint Tech support. Sounds like your profile is not provisioning on your phone correctly. They will walk you through your problem. Just make sure you call from a land line.
  9. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    Wow. I just did as you advised. I was transferred twice, the third rep told me "We don't guarantee signal indoors." I'm sitting two feet away from the external wall of my apartment. Transferring to "advanced" technical support and I'm disconnected.

    Looks like I'm going back to AT&T.
  10. njbianco

    njbianco Android Enthusiast

    thats strange
  11. iamfunkyz

    iamfunkyz Member

    In Chicago I've been getting consistent 4G speeds btween 2 and 4 Mbps, with a peak of 4.8 Mbps. On 3G I consistently get between .8 and 1.6 Mbps. No complaints.
  12. dhinez

    dhinez Well-Known Member

    Here are my results for my connection speed using Speedtest.net app in the market. I've done 6 different test 2 on wifi and 4 on 3G connection.

    452 kbps down, 45 kbps up in my house w/ 1 bar of 3G
    198 kbps down, 48 kbps up in my house w/ 0 bar of 3G
    1041 kbps down, 172 up outside w/ 3 bars of 3G (live in the country area)
    831 kbps down, 153 kbps up outside w/ 1-2 bars of 3G (live in the country area)
    5453 down, 562 up w/ wifi
    5684 down, 561 up w/ wifi

    3G speeds depend on the signal you receive.
  13. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    I should make it clear that I have no complaints about the phone itself. I'm ranting about Sprint's coverage and customer service, which so far has been every bit as atrocious as the horror stories I've heard from years ago.

    None of the "techs" I spoke with offered to check the phone's provisioning, even when I asked specifically, stating that since it's a new phone everything would already be "up to date." They actually wanted to install some sort of repeater and plug it into my DSL modem. I mean, seriously?

    For the record, I live in one of the largest cities in the country (Houston) and about 100 yards away from a major interstate (I-10). I always had good coverage with my iPhone here.

    Indoors I'm sitting at 100kbps on 3G and no 4G despite the coverage map's insistence to the contrary. Also, I was getting close to 1mbps on 3G sitting in the same spot in my apartment.
  14. trife

    trife Well-Known Member

    dont give up yet.

    My brand new EVO has _Terrible_ speeds im getting 100k but when i pop in my 3g broadband card im getting 1.2mb. So its not sprint. Its something with our phones. Either 3g isn't configured or there is some kinda throttling going on so that all the new evo's dont crash sprint on the first day.

    If the speeds dont improve of course im taking it back but I think this is some kinda software issue its certainly not the towers or sprint being bogged down cause 3g is fine on my aircard.
  15. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    wow I was getting shoddy speeds all day (100 to 500 kb/s) ... just did a Profile update then a PRL update and redid my speed test.. got 1999 kb/s down and 712kb/s up... 3G in riverside, ca

  16. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    I'm actually not as concerned with the 3G speeds right now as I am with the number of bars I'm getting. I know the 3G network is going to be slow on release day. I was fully expecting that.

    But 0 to 1 bars of coverage in my apartment and 2 to 3 outside is atrocious considering my location.

    Also, the lack of 4G despite being smack dab in the center of a dark green blob on their map is disconcerting as well.

    Edit: I've already tried updating profile (successfully) and PRL (timed out a couple times but was eventually successful). No dice. You got lucky. :)
  17. trife

    trife Well-Known Member

    speed test app.. on EVO

    latency 700 something

    down120 kbps
    up 219 kbps

    Speedtest.net on my PC with broadband card from sprint in

    Latency 120
    Download 900k
    upload 350k

    20 seconds later. are we not set up for 3g or what? is it cause our 4g is off? Cause we updated?
  18. cmanbrazil

    cmanbrazil Well-Known Member

    my test results are slow as well, but when I go to youtube and stream videos in hi def, it does it without hiccup and loads at a decent rate. So go figure. Use the internet and download apps and see how fast that works.
  19. mr.almeida

    mr.almeida Member

    I did a test today and actually had a 1.5MB down, good enough for me.
  20. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    73kbps down, woooo! I'm flying now. /sarcasm off

    The internet connection is unusable unless I turn on wifi. Pages are extremely slow to load and forget about streaming even audio over Subsonic, much less Youtube.
  21. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    keep in mind the speedtest.net app seems to be a bit buggy to me...

    on the speedtest.net app i'm getting anywhere from 200k/s to 2m/s ... on dslreports.com i'm getting a consistent 1.2mb/s
  22. cmanbrazil

    cmanbrazil Well-Known Member

    I go by my real use, like youtube. I was impressed that it even worked in a big brick building, which we know sprint doesn't like. lol
  23. shepx5

    shepx5 Newbie

    NM, I found it.
  24. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    then ignore this post :)
    shepx5 likes this.
  25. acipollo

    acipollo Well-Known Member

    I'm upstate NY. My download averages is .9-2.5mb down and .7-.9 up..

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