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Very very new to android

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by RalfWoon, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. RalfWoon

    RalfWoon Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I'm pretty old school user and I'm very new to Android. Other than having an impression that Android is an OS for phones and Tablets, I know nuts.

    So here are the questions,
    Which Phone should I get?

    I am not looking for the best tablet. "Best" is a really subjective word. Lets get things started by telling you guys (the experts) what I would be using tablet for.

    1.) Phone. I would like to use it as a phone. Not with skype but with a sim card. I would like the idea of just carrying 1 device.

    2.) Media player. Watching movies and listening to songs are quite a bonus to me. I usually use earphones so speakers requirements aint that high on the list for me.

    3.) 3G function. To be honest I have no clue what 3G is all about. I do know that I need it to use the app called "Whatsapp". I want to use this app to chat up with my gf. A way to surprise her that i'm not just an old man.

    4.) Managing excel files. This is really a bonus to me if the recomended device can do this. Its 100% for work but the idea of travellng in train while working on a file sure saves me time.

    A few things to note about me. I'm new to android. I'm not very tech savy. I can follow instructions only if they are simple in nature. I strongly believe that this forum are filled with many helpful experts. I however need your advice, patience and time.

    I thank those who took time to reply to my thread. I do promise to write a review on the device which I will be getting after considering options.

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  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Sorry, are you looking for a phone or a tablet? Or both? Tablets can't be used as regular phones (as far as I know), so I don't think that would suit you.

    3G is a way in which you can connect to the internet via your phone. Every android phone is capable of browsing the internet both via WiFi (like a laptop) or via a 3G connection, where the service is provided by your carrier. Some carriers and phones are capable of 4G, which just means you'll get a faster connection (although the price goes up too as you'd expect). You'll want to get a contract that includes a certain allowance of internet usage each month, otherwise the prices can get very high very quickly.

    It would help narrow down your options if you tell us which country you're in and any preferences for carriers that you have. A price range would be good too if you have one in mind.

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

  4. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    The dell streak is too big to be a phone, but its not big enough to be a tablet. Wouldn't recommend it for your prospective use.

    Using a galaxy tab as a phone is a flat out dumb idea... you're taking the issue of the streak, and just amplify it more towards being far too clunky to carry around, much less use as a phone.

    For your use, yes, one of the 4.3 inch phones out there will work fine. If you're just wanting to watch some ehort videos though, a 3.7 inch would be good as well.

    Basically, most of the android phones out today would fit your criteria, just go man-handle a few and get a grip on which ones fits the bill (see that double pun there?).
  5. jancat

    jancat Well-Known Member

    I guess my first question is: do you want a phone or a tablet? Android is an OS that runs on both small touchscreen phones, as well as large 10inch 'tablets'. Not sure which one you are more interested in... Im guessing small?
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Pretty much every higher mid-end (Galaxy SL price range come to mind) to high end units fit his criteria.
  7. RalfWoon

    RalfWoon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I apologise and thank those who replied.

    I think I wasn't too clear on what information to provide.

    I'm from Singapore.
    A tablet which is able to make phone calls. I believe some tablets can do this without skype. Galaxy Tab 7 was one of the tablets. But are there more?

    Last I heard (not too sure) is that Viewsonic's Viewpad 7 also can make phone calls.

    Dont worry abt how it would look on me with a tablet next to my face. I usually would have a ear piece to do that......its available in the market rite?

    Lastly my range is US $100-200. I'm cheap....sorry.


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