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Very weak signal and call quality

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tom_dub, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Tom_dub

    Tom_dub Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've had the Vibrant for a couple days now. Unfortunately, I have a VERY weak 3G signal and my call quality really isn't that great. In my house, when I hold my phone right next to my Dad's Nuron, he has a full 3G signal while I have 0 bars. That is frustrating to see.

    The phone isn't incapable of having 3G signal, when I travel outside of my neighborhood it usually has a very strong signal. It seems that whenever I am around a lot of trees or in buildings, the signal is very weak. I mostly just have an Edge signal.

    Also, the call quality is terrible. I don't think it has to do with the signal because even when I have full 3G bars, it still sucks....

    Is it possible I got a dud of a phone? I still have 14 days to exchange if that's the case.

  2. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Android Expert

    No, you didn't get a dud. Vibrants signal strength bars are whack, I think the algorithm is off. They will probably fix this issue with a firmware update. Many people like yourself including me, are experiencing zero bars, yet the call still goes through, and doesn't drop the call.

    Now, the bigger problem you are having, which I am having also, is that the phone prefers edge over 3g, and will spend most of its time in edge. I think this is probably a problem on all vibrants, not just yours. The only way to remedy this situation is if I'm deffinately in a strong 3g area, with 5 bars, then 3g will not switch to edge. sadly, comparing vibrant to other t-mobile phones I own, in weak signal areas, vibrant will choose edge, while other t-mobile phones hang on to 3g for dear life.

    Now, for the call quality. The only issue I have had with call quality is the low volume of the earpiece speaker. You can try the HAC setting, or you can look up in this forum "secret codes" and you will find where I posted a way to increase the low volume.

    If your call quality is still horible, try exchanging for a different phone. I can however say with confidence, your new phone will also display incorrect bars, and will probably still prefer edge over 3g.
  3. neanderthaler

    neanderthaler Newbie

    i also share this problem. as a phone, my vibrant sucks. i hear nothing but complaints from everyone regarding how i sound on this phone and sometimes it takes an incoming call 3 tries before i can actually connect, speak and hear. that's if i even receive the call. many people tell me it rings and rings, then goes to VM. at least i was able to fix the volume with the HAC deal. i never have more than one bar of signal in my house, yet my daughters motorola cliq titanium also with tmo, always has signal. i am still able to send and receive calls even with my one (or less) bar of signal and can use the web. my 14th day for returns is tommorow, but i imagine i'll just keep the doggone thing. everything else is just so good on this vibrant. i've called tmo cust svc a few times already (twice for a texting problem related to my previous carrier, and once re: signal strength) and they were very helpful and (overly) friendly. i'm just gonna grin and bear it. thanks for listening!!!
  4. Tom_dub

    Tom_dub Lurker
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    I also get crap speeds from speedtest.net. Think I average about 150 kbps even at certain areas with full 3G bars. There is ONE spot right outside where neighborhood where I got 1.2 GB. It doesn't make sense because the T-Mobile 3G coverage map shows my entire as as "fast internet" meaning it should have no problem picking up fast 3G speeds. It seems like the antenna on the Vibrant is weak or something, idk if this can be fixed with a software patch, seems more hardware like to me.

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