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very Weirddd Behavior. Please Help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MohEzz, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. MohEzz

    MohEzz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm suffering from weird behavior from my SGS, I really dunno what's happening.

    I have Samsung i9000 galaxy S. It's from Saudi Arabia, working fine with me for about 5 months now. the phone had Froyo, I flashed it with the same ROM (don't remember why), then I rooted it, and it was great for 4 months. My Rom now is 2.2.1, baseband I9000JXJPF , Kernel root@SE-S606 #30
    build number FROYO.JPJPM

    few days ago, I've set the alarm for work as usual, then it didn't ring, I then knew the phone screen was black and it was dead but the 2 buttons around the home button get their lights on when you touch them. I had to take out the battery then back and turn on, to find the following changes !! :

    -all contacts deleted, and SIM contacts are displayed (i use google contacts)
    -logs empty
    -all SMS deleted
    -haptic feedback enabled, auto rotation enabled, GPS enabled (they were not)
    -Home button not working at all in any situation (even for task manager)
    -EVERYONE who calls me is auto rejected, but appears on my log !!! while auto rejection settings are disabled...
    -when you click Power button for a while, the Phone option that appear is only "Phone Off", so the Flight mode,Data network and [something else i don't remember], all have disappeared
    -my APNs are deleted
    -every now and then, the phone suddenly says that external SD was removed unexpectedly...

    ofcourse there might be other things that I couldn't notice.
    I reset to factory settings and started all over and put some applications again, and it worked fine for 1 day then all that happened again. then to factory again but didn't install any apps, I just synced my gmail contacts and changed some settings and that's it, and it happend in like half a day......

    So I knew going to factory is not a solution, so I flashed the phone with the same ROM but haven't rooted it. At this point I was very happy and thought everything was solved. Untill it happened with me NOW.....AGAIN only after 2 days from the flashing :((

    It looks like it's not from an App, because it happened even when i didn't install any apps after the 2nd factory reset.

    Can it be Hardware :((( ?
    or Maybe a virus ?
    should I format all storages then flash ?

    Please help, my phone is new and can't receive any calls till I fix this.

    Thank youuu

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  2. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    do a full format by typing *2767*3855# or format through recovery and then try flashing a different rom... might fix the issue...
  3. MohEzz

    MohEzz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I pulled out the external sd card then
    I went to recovery mode...
    -Wiped cache partition
    -formatted sd
    -reset to factory (no reason for that but just did it)

    Then I flashed the phone with the same ROM (i don't have any others currently)

    The phone worked fine, 1 day then the phone goes into the all-apps-force-close mode :S
    then it hangs with a black screen and lighting Back and Menu buttons..I pull out the battery then put it back, and everything is deleted again as i already mentioned...

    I also want to note that just before this happens, I unlock the phone to find the task bar saying "Preparing internal storage".....I suspect a storage failure, what do you think ??

    Please helpp

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