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Verzion Nexus Car Dock

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by civicsisedan, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. BankZ

    BankZ Well-Known Member

    I tried that and it doesn't work. The car dock apps don't take over the home button. It shows the little wheel in the notification but doesn't seem to do anything.

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  2. ndwgolf

    ndwgolf Well-Known Member

    The Samsung one looks like it uses the 3 prongs as the power cable goes into the foot of the holder not into the phone
  3. BankZ

    BankZ Well-Known Member

    I didn't think it would work with the VZW version of the Nexus. Will it? Extended batter?
  4. acr89

    acr89 Newbie

    Strange... have you tried using "Car Home V3"? Maybe it's an ICS compatibility issue.
  5. ndwgolf

    ndwgolf Well-Known Member

    Sorry I dont know I have the GSM version
  6. acr89

    acr89 Newbie

    ProClip customer service says this should be available next week, hope they speak the truth
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  7. Homefrrie

    Homefrrie Newbie

    That looks pretty sweet, hoping that'll come out sooner rather than later.

    The car dock is the only other accessory I'm going to need for this beast
  8. BankZ

    BankZ Well-Known Member

    Yes, that's the one I tried first :(
  9. JC13

    JC13 Well-Known Member

    i don't think car mode is available for ICS yet. Hopefully an upgrade will come soon!
  10. eyc

    eyc Well-Known Member

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  11. Mooem

    Mooem Android Enthusiast

    Looking into this as well. I did send off a question to customer service about the extended battery (and whether or not it may be an issue even though it doesn't seem like it).

    Has anyone had experience with ProClip charging holders? Do they last long? Any problems actually charging the phone?
  12. mjolnir2000

    mjolnir2000 Lurker

    In what way is it a tight fit? It occurs to me that maybe the Verizon dock is so tight because it already has the same dimensions as the GSM dock made for a thinner phone, and the only difference is literally the lack of a 3-pin connector. Probably not the case, but it would be kind of funny if it was.
  13. JC13

    JC13 Well-Known Member

    Could be. It's tight all the way around. It's tight on the edges as well as tight against the back. It takes some work wedging it in as well as wrestling it out. Hopefully putting it in and out a few times will stretch it out a bit.
  14. Jay3

    Jay3 Android Enthusiast

    I want audio out to be integral.

    Why is so hard for the manufacturers to figure out we want to be able to get in the car, dock it, and have it connected to charging and car sound without handling any wires?

    Most us already have some sort of auxiliary set up run to our radios -- I want the dock to connect to that.

    I never foresaw a world where the phone mfr would make something like this three pin out connector, and there would be no product to use it.
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  15. saulback

    saulback Newbie

    From the expansys-usa website:
    February 29th?!! Two and a half months to get a simple car dock to the market?
  16. Scottd9000

    Scottd9000 Member

    I find the Verizon mount super tight. So tight that it pushes the buttons when I put it in and it's almost impossible to remove the phone one handed. But the trade off is it's really nice and sturdy. My Dinc mount from Verizon was a belt clip added to a universal window mount - wow what a shaky mess that was.
  17. lord aries

    lord aries Newbie

    I have the verizon version of the car dock, and i hate it. I'm looking into anything else.
  18. lortay78

    lortay78 Lurker

    I just returned mine and gave my corporate rep an earful. Doubt it will help much, but we do have 100 accounts. I think if everyone did the same we might get some action.....

    Who am I kidding? This is Big Red.
  19. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    if i want a car dock, i'd get the one without charging ability. charging inside car is really bad for battery life.
    car battery's voltage is unstable, voltage goes up and down too widely compare to home electricity, and restarting engine causes big surge, that mess up not only battery but device as well.
    i do carry car charger in my car, but i'll only use it in case of emergency.
  20. KrazyKarl

    KrazyKarl Newbie

    do you have any evidence of this? Every car charger has a voltage regulator in it (since the charger outputs 5V and the car's voltage varies from ~10V-16V). Additionally, most of the OEM-quality chargers will have additional filtering to prevent any high frequency fluctuations from getting though.

    I seriously doubt there's any significant difference between charging in a car or from an outlet (which can also be prone to surges, like when the AC/heater comes on, or other large appliances)
  21. gobluejd

    gobluejd GOBLUE!

    I agree (unless there is evidence). I kept my Seidio Multi-Charger in my car plugged into constant power 24/7 and had my Tbolt Extended battery in there. I swear when I popped that baby in it took forever to go from 100% to 99% (HOURS). I think the car charged it better :eek:
  22. TKEnzy

    TKEnzy Well-Known Member

    It comes with a plastic disc that you can stick on your dash, then the suction sticks to that. You could also use it on the windshield, but my EZ Pass is in the way so I went the dash route. I'll be returning it, however, and waiting for the 3 pin one.
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  23. Splendor

    Splendor Newbie

    This Verizon car dock situation is making me angry.
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  24. ndwgolf

    ndwgolf Well-Known Member

    I am going with the Proquip one, its 150 bucks shipped to Malaysia which I know is crazy but if you want it you have to pay for it

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