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Veterans Find Veterans

Discussion in 'Application Requests' started by kyvet, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. kyvet

    kyvet New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 30, 2013
    Prior service members can always strike up a great conversation about their years in service. Now that I have been honorably discharged and I've relocated, I miss my military friends. Its often hard to find other young veterans to connect with. "New-age veterans" don't always feel comfortable hanging out at a local VFW or AL. I would love an app where veterans can meet local veterans who share experiences in common.
    Some separated veterans suffer from PTSD. These vets would especially benefit from being able to connect with other prior-service members. Civilians can rarely relate. There are plenty of vets who are willing to lend an ear and emotionally support fellow vets.
    For the app to work well, I would suggest a mandatory "membership" form that would require the user to self-identify as a current or prior service member, or as family of a service-member. Service-members/veterans can then identify a branch, total years of service, year of separation, and gender, and set a mandatory current location(state and county) and preference of contact(email, or app notification). Then these simple pieces of info can be provided to any other member who joins. Anyone who joins could then search to see how many veterans are members within their state or locality.
    I think a mandatory membership would curb the possibility of spam or people posing as veterans illegitimately.

    I would love to be able to connect with more veterans locally. I feel somewhat isolated from other veterans, and I know others often feel the same. Please help us connect with our family!


  2. yshuck

    yshuck New Member

    Mar 8, 2014
    Hello kyvet, I really like this idea for an app especially the part about it potentially helping people with PTSD out. I also like that you are required to be a "prior-service member". Although I have not served (since I am too young, for now), but I do plan to serve when I get old enough and when I graduate high-school (1 more year, woohoo). I was wondering if it is ok for someone that hasn't served, (yet, hopefully I will though), to make this app, that is if you haven't found an app that already does that?

    I would love to talk to you about your service. I have questions like, which branch did you serve, where you went if you went anywhere, how long you served for, what did you like, what didn't you like, and why you decided to join.

    Sorry this is a very late reply but I still hope that you are interested in connecting with fellow Veterans. If you have found an app that does what you

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