VH-MAW says hi, like a boss!


Hi !*VH-MAW says like a boss!

I am VH-MAW, I live down under. I'm studying for a Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering @ CIT(Canberra, not cork or any other place starting with C).
The following is a bunch of stuff that may or may not be relevant, to AF, but are certainly relevant to me.

Bitcoin Address: 1NgjSjzQWPn4DrDWHM43F1EHiYphGSLuve

What Consoles ?

Xbox360 (Old Falcon, I think)
Ipod Touch 4g
And i also hold an interest in a stamp computer of mine(V.II)

Where to find me ?
YouTube: reaper00020
DeviantArt: finmann
Twitter: @finmann_deviant
Here, obviously
Watching you sleep

Past Modification Experience


I purchased an Xsata drive reader way back ($70 on teh nets) and i have used it with various programs including Modio. I would no longer purchase one anymore as one can do modding using a usb instead, however it has a cool blue light.


I had a psp, make that 2, no 3. But they got boring so I sold them, no one wanted to pay me in Bitcoins, so I had to settle with Australian plastic.
I put cfw on two of them, the otherone was a psp-2000 and at the time you needed a pandoras battery to install cfw and I had no access to a cfw psp at that time.


Well, not too much to really 'mod' on a PC, as they are made to be fiddled around with! I know basic windows cmd commands, what i know better is linux. I know how to get around in konsole (or whatever you wanna call it), and have used a number of distro's (Slax, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat 5.0 (yuck!), DSL, Knoppix, OpenSusie, yea there's alot more i haven't tried, but most people I talk with IRL have not even heard of linux).

Ipod Touch

I Jail-broke my iPod 2g within the first two weeks of having it, I owned it for one year and then 'misplaced it'(Damn those short pockets !). I was very sad, until i got a 4th gen and jail-broke it the first day i got it. Yea, so i have experience with jail-breaking my iPod touches, and i have also jail-broken others for no charge(including an iPhone 3g).


Well, I have rooted my phone and that's about it... sad I know.

Hobbies and Interests

Well I am interested in modding things to make them better for me and others.
My other hobbies are probably not relevant to this forum, but I enjoy editing video to put in VFX, mountain biking, completely screwd my front wheel, its so bent up), YouTube, Digital Photo editing, Blender 3D, Electronics and yea that's about it. Oh yea i also like most people, enjoy playing video games.(Duke Nukem Forever was horrible, very disappointing, it is a great example of what can happen if a game is in development for too long!)

So why'd i come here ?

Well, I've come across this forum many times, and i just decided to do it.
Also I like forum games. If I hope to achieve anything here, its just to help, give advice, win @ the forum games and also encourage people to root(you wouldn't believe how many people fear being free, IT'S OVER 9000!).


Usually off topic
Welcome to AF:D

I hear you buddy I like forum games too and we have decent size community of forum gamers. Glad you decided to join us


I hope this place will be helpful to you.. :)

If you need any assistance, feel free to ask one of us Guides.