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Viber on Nexus 7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dankailo, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. dankailo

    dankailo Lurker
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    [GUIDE] Viber on Nexus 7

    Hi guys , i started a thread on how to get Viber on your nexus 7.On the Play Store page on the Viber it says :
    " What's in this version:
    * Support for Jelly Bean (android 4.1) [​IMG]
    * Bug fixes and improvements
    Thank you all for your feedback. " but it you can't run it on the N7 . Its very easy . So :

    1. Download it

    2. Open it with ES File Explorer

    And now the problem comes : You cannot use your viber account on your phone and on your N7 / tablet , so you will have to send the validation code ( or something like that ) to another phone number ( *YOUR CHOICE* )

    3.Run it

    And you are ready . I use it for more than 2 days and it runs perfectly smooth . Take a look at it .

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And.......If i helped you please click the THANKS BUTTON

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  2. dankailo

    dankailo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hope the message helps . It is from XDA-devloper website
  3. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Android Enthusiast


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!

    If you have any question about Viber - please feel free to ask.
    Thanks in advance,
    Viber Team
  4. Can you give any general information about using Viber on a Wireless only device (a Nexus 7, in my case)?

    1) I already use Viber on my Android phone (GS2) and would like to be able to use it on my tablet. If I sideload the APK and ask for the Viber Access Code to be sent to my phone, will this wipe out my existing installation on the phone?

    2) Would Viber "sync" between the 2 devices, so that I could see sent/received message chains on both?
  5. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Android Enthusiast


    1) Unfortunately yes. At this stage, 1 Viber number can only be assigned to 1 device simultaneously, and if you try to register with the same number on a second device, the first one will be deactivated immediately. In the future we might add a feature that lets you register 2 devices with the same Viber number.

    2) Ditto. In the future, we are considering to include this option :)

    Meanwhile, in order to register Viber on a second, WiFi-only device, we recommend using simply a different number: your home landline number, a pre-paid number, etc.
  6. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member


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