Help Vibrant boot problems


I recently purchased a water damaged vibrant. The phone was working fine for a bit, but after I connected/disconnected the phone from my computer to charge it, it stopped booting up properly. I can get to the tmobile screen, but it locks up at the galaxy S screen.

The 3 button reset works, but it doesn't seem to change anything if I clear all user data or the cache. I have done both, but it still locks up by the galaxy S screen. I have also tried flashing with odin, using the stock T959UVJFD.tar file and s1_odin_20100512.pit files. According to odin, the flash was successful, but I still cannot get past the galaxy s screen. I have tried flashing with and without the repartition box, but I am still encountering the same problem.

I dont know what else to do. Thanks.