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Vibrant goes into airplane mode randomly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Firebreak, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Firebreak

    Firebreak Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I hadn't noticed this before updating to 2.2, however from what I have read on other forums 2.2 is not the issue, it just starts occurring after some time with the phone. I've read that factory resets will clear the issue, but only temporarily, it will come back.

    Basically, just randomly out of the blue, I'll pick up my phone and notice it has no service. I'll check and find airplane mode is turned on, I'll turn it off and bam it's back in service. This issue really sucks because sometimes I'll leave my phone for many hours, if it doesn't ring I don't look at it. When I do look at it, I'll find it in this state, and once reconnected I'll have 3 voicemails from people trying to reach me.


    -I'm absolutely sure that I am not doing this by mistake, and that it's definitely the phone doing it
    -From web searches, I can see I'm not the only one with this issue
    -When in this state, I do not see the airplane mode icon at the top, instead I see the no service icon. (If I put it into airplane mode myself, the icon is a picture of an airplane)
    -I do not know if this issue is specific to Android, or Samsung, but it has happened on other Samsung phones than the Vibrant

    Anyone have any advice on this?


    Update: I've filed a bug report with google. Please follow the link below and add your comments


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  2. Firebreak

    Firebreak Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just an update that one of my friends also has this phone, with the same version/carrier and has the same issue as me. Anyone know if this is limited to Samsungs or if it's more wide-spread?

    You may not even know it's happening because the phone simply appears to have no service. My friend had no idea because he'd just restart the phone to get it working again. However, once I got him to check, sure enough airplane mode was on when it happened.
  3. stefan_ss

    stefan_ss Lurker


    I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S. Exact same symptons you have mentioned. Did you ever resolve this?
  4. roywhitaker

    roywhitaker Lurker

    I just started having this problem. My HTC Evo is randomly going into airplane mode...a lot...like while I'm on the phone or using email or texting. I'm wondering if it's a virus. Any fixes?
  5. que3jxp

    que3jxp Lurker

    Well, I wish it was not this way but I am glad I and my co workers are not the only ones with the issue!!!

    To add to the weird, the problem never happens except when we are all at work. In total, there are 4 of us and most of the time it happens at the same time. And as stated, it is only when we are at the office.

    Frankly, the most interesting issue is that it is ONLY the cell radio that is off. All the other radios are still on. BT, wifi and GPS are not turned off.

    I had contacted Bell Mobility for support as there was an issue for us where we live where most of the cell towers were messed up on one side of the river and was actually crashing our phones. They looked into things and it was not the case this time. I went after them on the cell tower angle due to the extreme correlation of the issues with 4 of us at work. I will follow back up and report in that it is still happening and that there are loads out there that are having the issue...
  6. I am seeing two issues that I believe to be related. Both started after upgrading to 2.2. I have also preformed a factory reset to solve the problem but it appears it was a waste of time. My Vibrant will either go into airplane mode on its own or will be stuck in "no service" even in a well serviced area. I have to reset the phone or turn airplane mode on/off to get reconnected.
    Does anyone have the solution, other than going to iPhone?
  7. lipinskers

    lipinskers Lurker

    I'm seeing a similar problem on my Samsung Intercept. However, if I go into settings and try to turn off airplane mode it just grays the whole item out and doesn't change it. I have to reset the whole phone. I only started seeing this recently; but it never did occur before the 2.2 upgrade. It also only seems ot happen when I'm at work. In the office we don't get good Sprint reception, so it used to always notify me about data roaming; now it just turns off the radio. Sooooo annoying!
  8. Firebreak

    Firebreak Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Unfortunately this issue continues to plague me off and on. My phone got an update from kies the other day and I thought thank god, must be the fix, but it wasn't.

    At least twice a day now I look at my phone and see the no service icon, then I look at airplane mode and it says "ON".

    What doesn't even make sense is, if airplane mode is on, I should see an airplane icon instead of the no service icon.

    This issue is driving me insane, I would take the thing back where I got it, but the store went out of business. I assume Bell should still help me out though.

    EDIT: Ok, up until this point, all of my internet searches have been something like "Vibrant airplane mode on its own" or variants of that. I always found a few other forum threads than this one, but not that many. (Enough to know it's not just a few folks)

    On a hunch, I just did a search for "Android airplane mode on its own" and I got a TON of hits from people posting about hardware of all types and brands with the exact same issue.

    This is definitely an android OS issue. What would be the best way to get some direct attention from Android on this matter? I believe most people are "Living with it", or replaced their phone only to have the new one do the same thing and they give up.

    Samsung can't fix this, neither can your phone carrier, this needs to be looked at by Android.
  9. Firebreak

    Firebreak Newbie
    Thread Starter

  10. jnarai

    jnarai Lurker

    Hey all, don't know if any of you managed to resolve this or not. I have the same problem with my brand new Vibrant on 2.2. I talked to the manager at the store I bought it from who coincidentally has the same phone. She's not sure what the issue is, but her Samsung rep gave her some code to enter to correct the issue. I'll post it when I receive it from her.

  11. Firebreak

    Firebreak Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Did you get word back from the samsung rep?

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