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Vibrat $50 @Costco. +Free Assesories (8/19-9/12)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SamsungVibrant, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. SamsungVibrant

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    Starting 8/19-9/12/2010 Costco Wholesale will offer the Vibrant for $50, after instant savings and mail in rebate. Disclaimer: (I'm basing this off their current 199 new customer/upgrade pricing, unless they decide to switch it up on the 19th)

    -Samsung Vibrant new or upgrading customers with data package. If you are upgrading, you can keep your current rate plan, but you need to add data if you don't have it.
    -Free Assesories Car Charger, Case, Bluetooth (cheap china chunk, probably worth 5 bucks)
    -90 Day return/exchange (more on this below)
    -35 dollar activation fee waived! *credit applied to your bill within 3 months for NEW LINES.*
    -18 dollar upgrade fee applies to upgrades

    New or upgrade price with data package. Both require 2yr contract. Eearly Term Fees apply.
    199.99 (unless they raise this on the 19th)
    -100 instant with coupon
    -50 mail in rebate
    $50 bucks Total Cost, plus tax on full retail 479.99

    Details on 90 day return, it comes with a caveat. After 30 days in California, and 14 days in other states, you are locked into T-Mobiles contract. However, Costco will allow you to exchange or return the phone beyond this remorse period, up to 90 days, YET you are STILL locked into the contract AFTER your remorse ENDS. Costco has no control over your remorse period.

    Furthermore, after your 30 or 14 day remorse period, your exchange/return will cost you full retail price. You completely lose out on your new customer or upgrade pricing beyond your remorse period.

    For Example, if you live in California, you have 30 days remorse with T-mobile contracts, and 90 day costco return. If you want to exchange your vibrant on days 31-90, you will no longer qualify to get your exchanged phone at the new/upgrade price. In fact you completely lose your upgrade pricing, and you will have to pay full retail(almost 500) for the Vibrant for exchanges done between days 31-90, or out of California days 15-90.

    Also for those slick customers who think they can use the Vibrant for 89 days, then on day 90 switch to the latest T-Mobile phone. You can't do this either without paying full retail price on your new phone, again because you lose your upgrade pricing after your remorse period ends. So if on day 90 you see a different model phone you like better than the Vibrant, you can return the Vibrant, get your 199 back(if you didn't cut out the box for the rebate). Then you can apply this 199 towards the full retail price of a new phone of your choosing.

    You may want to ask Costco returns/manager at your local store how they handle cell phone even exchanges. They may make an exception and let you exchange with rebate cut box, and they may infact let you get an even exchange for another vibrant beyond your remorse period, as long as all transactions occur at your original Costco of purchase. Again verify this with a manager first, as some managers might do even exchanges beyond remorse, others will make you pay full retail for your exchanged phone. Do not ask the Kiosk people, they don't know anything and are a 3rd party company.

    Also you may or may not need this coupon, you can't print this, you may need the actual coupon.
    If you don't have it, sometimes the people at membership can give you 1 if they have extras.
    Also sometimes, for cell phones, the Kiosk writes up the coupon code on the purchase form, meaning you may not need the actual coupon.


    ps...I meant Vibrant not Vibrat...lol

    Final thoughts. The people working at the Kiosk are Wireless Advocate Employees. They make commision and have sales numbers to hit.

    I've noticed in the past, they offer to set up your mail in rebate for you. Nicely tell them no thank you, you will do it at home. The pushy ones will set up your rebate forms in the store, and cut out your box right there, meaning they basically assured now you can't do a return, and they wont lose the sale, since most places don't accept returns on cut out cell phone boxes. Just keep this in mind, if you are unsure about the phone, and may do a return, ask them not to do the rebate form for you, you will do it yourself when you get home.

    For those who don't even want to bother with the mail in rebate, you still get the 100 instant, making the Vibrant $99 plus taxes on full retail.

  2. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Hmm, pretty cheap but think I'd just take it to T mobile if I need to exchange it.
  3. vuvision

    vuvision Member

    Given the choice, I would make my purchase with costco any day.

    Not only its cheaper, on top of that Costco return/exchange policy is second to none. Plus you get 90 days instead of 15 days (30 if in CA) with t-mo.
  4. robo21

    robo21 Android Expert

    Absolutely, Costco is the best. ;)

    And to Sammy, good find!
  5. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Maybe I'm reading that wrong but it looks like it will cost you full price to exchange the Vibrant for the same within the ninety days. Other wise Costco usually is good about returns.
  6. vuvision

    vuvision Member

    My understanding is that if you're trying to exchange it for another latest & greatest phone, then yes. But for the same phone due to defect then no. Regardless, you're still locked into the duration of t-mo contract after the buyer remorse period.

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