Help Vibrate Alerts Lost After Uninstalling Llama App


A friend mentioned that I should try an app called Llama, which is basically a dumbed down version of Taskr. I installed it and messed with it, but realized I didn't really need it or want it. I uninstalled it, and since then, my Captivate won't vibrate as an alert. I've checked all the settings for my alerts, including texts, sms, and email and the phone still won't vibrate when I get a message. It also does not vibrate for Astrid alerts or when I plug in the charger, as it used to. It still vibrates when someone calls.

I've tried powering it off and on and pulling the battery and it still doesn't work. I also noticed that the phone doesn't do the pulse vibrate thing on startup anymore ( buzz buzz).

Is there some type of app data still on my phone that I should delete? It sucks that I don't know when I've gotten a message when I'm at work and my phone has to be on silent. Any help is appreciated.


I was able to get this fixed by using the following advice from another site:

I had the same problem. Go to the app market and download "sound manager" by Daniel Roozen. After it's installed hit the menu button on the phone and then go to vibrate settings. At the bottom it gives you different options. I chose "vibrate only when silent". I hope this helps! By the way the app is free and you can delete it after you choose which vibrate setting you want.