Help Vibrate Issues receiving SMS text


May 7, 2010
My phone will not vibrate when I receive and SMS text message. I have checked and unchecked the vibrate box multiple times and nothing changes. It is not a big deal unless I have my phone on vibrate mode because I am in a meeting or something. During those times, I have no way of knowing if I received a message outside of pulling out my phone and checking it every few minutes. Anyone else having this problem or have any suggestions? Thanks.
I finally figured out a way to get the vibration function to work. I downloaded "sound manager" and it solved the problem.
Wonder if this will solve my vibrating calendar issue too.

hmmm. Didn't fix my issue. Looks like when phone call comes in, Vibration works great. Continues to vibrate until you answer or respond in some way.

Vibration for calendar is two quick tiny vibrations that I can barely feel, need to be able to boost this up.

SMS vibrations aren't very good either, but adequate.

Sound Manager seems useful, but doesn't resolve my issue, but I will keep it on my phone as it lets you auto schedule Sound/Vibrate modes.

Tried a few other vibrate apps on the market, no luck. Anyone have any ideas on how to improve or customize vibrations... calendar specific would rock!

I have seen people with similar issues, no vibration for various notifications. The only thing I have found to fix is a hard reset. Google backs up your contacts and calendar, but you will have to download your apps again.
On another forum someone stated that smart vibrator from the Market solved their problem. Suppose to let you set vibration length and pattern as well...

I have not tried it myself.
If you don't want the sound manager app to be running you can uninstall it after installing it and the vibrate will still be there.
I downloaded Smart Vibrator (free) and it works great.
i've tried it, set it up, but can't get it to work. I followed the instructions and it said to take the phone OUT of VIBRATE and set the ringer low. This seems kinda silly, no?

How'd u set it up?