Help Vibrate on connect

Any way to disable this for the HTC Incredible?


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Do you mean when you make a call, it vibrates? Mine does it and I like it, I don't put it to my face until I feel the vibration. Let me see if I can figure it out...well it's not haptic feedback, lol...sorry I couldn't figure it out, but for now just don't put the phone to your ear til the phone vibrates, :)


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Yeah, I also like it for the same reason. I hate holding a cell phone to my ear not knowing if it has connected or not or if the person has picked up but it's bad reception. The vibrate is a a convenient feature for me so I do't hold it to my ear until it vibrates. But uhm, i think it's like the phone number entry vibration, can't be turned off through user settings. I guess this post wasn't helpful haha.


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I don't like any of the vibrating. I take all that stuff off. Just my personal taste I guess. For some reason I cant find where to turn this one off though.