Vibrating button cover?

Is your vibrating?

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Today I plugged my phone into the charger and I realized that the metal button cover felt different then when it was unplugged. It seem to almost be vibrating as I rubbed my fingers over it then when I unplugged it, it felt normal once again. I was curious if anyone else had this same thing happening.


that means your outlet isn't grounded, you can try to use a power strip that has it's own fuse or change the outlet in your house to a grounded one. The vibration you're feeling is a little bit of the electricity conducting through the metal part of the case. Happens to me with my macbook pro.

Also holding the device with two hands will eliminate the trickle current.
it is plugged into a power strip, either way i find it cool

Then it may be your power strip. It's called a ground loop fault. I would try it in another outlet. If it is the strip or the outlet, you will need an electrician to fix it. It could cause damage to anything plugged into it as well as electrocute you.


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yeah it does it in every outlet but not through just the usb port on my computer so it is the wiring like you say. It hasn't been an issue with anything else.